Thursday, January 5, 2017

Durhamblogger - Checking In with News!

Hello readers! Yes, it's Mike, the "long lost Durhamblogger" checking in after a long absence! Suffice to state that a LOT has transpired in my life since my last July 2016 post -  a family loss, job turmoil and my family's recent move to Virginia! All of this "stuff" and isn't life all about that "stuff" that marches into it... and how well you overcome it... has been prioritized over my blogging here at Durhamblogger.

But, hey I am back and just in time to settle down for a long winter's nap. My kayaking is definitely "out of season" during these winter months. But, just as my family has moved to a new home in Clarksville, Virginia, my kayaks have traveled with us and are comfortably nested into their new home too!

So, I will take the next several months to look at redoing some of my blog sections - since I now reside in Virginia, some of the North Carolina references are not relevant and see what else may need to be revamped.

But, never fear. Come the summer months, there is a great big lake within a stone's throw of our house - Kerr Lake, with hundreds of water shorelines to paddle! You can bet your last dollar that the Durhamblogger will be taking to the lake water and reporting about his paddling adventures here at Durhamblogger!

Happy New Year readers! And as always, remember to take life one stroke at a time!

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