Saturday, April 30, 2016

Falls Lake, NC. - Our First Paddling Adventure in 2016!

Location: Highway 50 Boat Ramp, Falls Lake, NC. Temperature: 63F Wind: E5 Conditions: Overcast

 The long awaited event finally took place today - our first paddle of 2016! Rachel and I had planned to put in at Beaver Dam Lake, but an unanticipated bike rally caused us to detour about a mile and a half down the road from Beaver Dam. We ended up at the Highway 50 boat ramp - a NC park recreational area that boasts six boat ramps.  

Put in at the Highway 50 boat ramp. My sorely missed truck found its way back home and was available for kayak hauling duty.

Looking out from a quiet cove on Falls Lake. It remained overcast and cool for the entire paddle.

A beaver den, but no beaver sighting. The den was most likely occupied - evidenced by several freshly cut tree branches.

 We spotted a brown-headed Nuthatch. These birds are typically 4-5" and smaller than a sparrow. They are quite agile and restless, flitting from one branch to another.

The Nuthatch's nest is located at the lower end of this dead tree cavity. I could not see any eggs.

Very large rock formations that jutted out into Falls Lake. I estimated the rock height to be over 15 feet.

Both Rachel and I were excited to have our first paddling adventure of 2016! It had been nearly five years since we had put in at the Highway 50 boat ramp. This year I hope to return to many of these "long ago, but not forgotten" put in areas as well as exploring other rivers, creeks and lakes in both North Carolina and Virginia. Thanks for reading and always remember to take life one stroke at a time!

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Thursday, April 28, 2016

Where's the Durhamblogger?

Howdy Readers! You might be wondering why "old Mike" (aka - The Durhamblogger) had only written a handful of posts in 2015 and has been "quiet" so far in 2016?

A extremely busy work schedule and our youngest son "permanently borrowing" my truck had a negative impact on my paddling routine. Translation - No time and no wheels to get to my favorite put in sites.

But, as they say... all good things come to those who wait. My truck will be coming home for the summer months, so shortly I will be dusting the cob webs out of the kayak cockpits and gearing up for more paddling adventures!

Stay tuned! I can't wait!  :-) 

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