Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Durhamblogger Top 10 Posts in 2014!

Howdy everyone! It's that time again when I cautiously open the door to the dusty archives vault and pull out what my readers' chose as the top 10 most popular Durhamblogger posts of 2014! Here they are in reverse order. Enjoy!

#10. Paddling on Kerr Lake near Clarksville VA

#9. Eno River - Paddling the Five Fingers Area

#8. Early Morning Paddle on the Eno River. Heron Close Ups and Smoke on the Water!

#7. Beautiful Summer Morning Paddling on the Eno River!

#6. Paddling Lake Holt - First Paddle of the 2014 Season!

#5. Paddling at Lake Rogers on a beautiful Spring morning!

#4. Paddling Lake Michie and a Heron Habitat!

#3. Check out the Durhamblogger kayaking resources! Good stuff!

#2. Athleta - Apparel model not wearing a PFD!

And the number one Durhamblogger post of 2014... drum roll please!

#1. Paddling at Beaver Dam Lake this Time!

Thanks to all my readers and I look forward to many more paddling adventures in 2015!

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