Friday, October 24, 2014

Yakers' Close Encounters in Durham!

Mike, the Durhamblogger, flanked by Mark and Anne of  Penobscotpaddles fame.

Well, you just never know who you may run into? Anne and Mark, who write about their Maine paddling adventures on their kayak blog Penobscotpaddles, recently passed through my neck of the woods in Durham. They were kind enough to stop, have a bite to eat and visit with Rachel and myself. Guess what we talked about?  ;-)  

We had a pleasant visit... and now Rachel and I have an open invite to paddle the Penobscot River next time we are in Maine - which would be a first for us!

Safe travels home Anne and Mark... and always remember to take life one stroke at a time.

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  1. Hey I know those folks! A wonderful visit, and a rare photo of us all without sunhats on! Next time we'll have to visit the Eno!

  2. How cool. It is wonderful to meet up with fellow kayak bloggers. Happy paddle trails.


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