Monday, September 8, 2014

Paddling Kerr Lake on Labor Day Weekend

 Location: Kerr Lake, Clarksville, VA. Temperature: 86F Wind: Light  Conditions: Mostly sunny

Rachel and I managed to "sneak" in a second paddling adventure (September 1, 2014) while visiting family in Clarksville, VA. over Labor Day weekend! This time we drove over the lake and put in at Occoneechee State Park. But to get into the park cost us $7.00! I thought the admission price was a little steep and asked for an explanation. The park ranger explained that she would have only charged us $4.00 if we were just dropping off the kayak and than leaving the park! Huh? But, since we wanted to both drop off the kayak and park, we got charged another $3.00 dollars! Some kind of twisted logic there? Anyway, after emptying my wallet, we drove in, parked, and put in at the boat ramps located in the park. Click on the photos to enlarge.  

 Preparing to pass under the Highway 15 bridge that spans Kerr Lake near Clarksville.

Beautiful cloud formations produced partly cloudy conditions for some of our paddle.

A heron, perched on a jet ski dock, looking for its next fish meal.

Lots of "big boy and girl" toys can be found on Kerr Lake. This runabout boat has its own covered floating dock with an auxiliary paddle boat lying next to it.

We decided to paddle up Sandy Creek and explore this body of water off of Kerr Lake.

Jeffress Road bridge over Sandy Creek. According to, the bridge was built in 1954 and averages 196 vehicles per day.

The Jeffrees Road bridge features interesting underside construction. The underside of the bridge is slanted / angled to facilitate rain water drainage.  

A natural tree archway near the end of navigable water on Sandy Creek.

End of the line! The fallen tree effectively blocked farther passage up Sandy Creek.

Looking back at the tree archway. Beautiful sunlight reflection off the still water surface.

American Bittern perched on a dead tree.

Return to the Occonecchee boat ramps.

Rachel and I had an early morning paddle on Kerr Lake and got back in before the crowds and heat of the day. It was a good paddle. There is lots more lake to explore and we hope to return often!

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  1. I think the bridge design is pretty clever; now I'm going to have to check and see if that's still used...


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