Saturday, August 16, 2014

Paddling on Kerr Lake near Clarksville, VA

Location: Kerr Lake, Clarksville, VA. Temperature: 68F Wind: Light  Conditions: Mostly cloudy

Rachel and I visited family in Clarksville, VA. over the weekend and took along our tandem Escapade to get in a paddling adventure. Saturday morning we decided to put in at the Bluestone boat ramp, a Kerr Lake access area located approximately 5 miles north of Clarksville. It had been a while since Rachel and I had paddled together... and we were both ready to get out on the water! Click on the photos to enlarge.

Rachel, steadies her new paddling hat, as an unexpected wind gust tugs at it. 

Approaching the US Highway 15 bridge that spans this section of Kerr Lake.

Caught this Blue Heron on its perch overlooking the lake waters.

Submerged trees and other vegetation, evidence of the heavy rainfalls this area of southern Virginia has experienced during the past few weeks.

Looking out from a quiet cove on Kerr Lake.

A large cocoon, like so much cotton candy, wraps these branches with its sticky tendrils.

Hickory tree leaves turning red announce that Fall is rapidly approaching. Where has the summer gone?

Another sign of the changing seasons.... a flock of migrating geese in a "v" formation. 

Rachel, unloading our kayak, as I retrieve my truck from the parking lot.

It was a good paddle during a quiet part of the morning on Kerr Lake. We like to get out early on the lake before the crowds and heat arrive. Kerr Lake never disappoints, and we look forward to returning soon for some extended paddling adventures!

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  1. The tree pictures in high water are so pretty! i can't believe you are seeing changing leaves too! It seems early to see the leaves changing here... And we are seeing geese headed south. Maybe this means it will be a long winter? I hope not!

    1. I was surprised by the changing of leaves and the sighting of geese mid-August at Kerr Lake! It seems that the past few months have flown by with not enough paddling adventures... and now it appears that Fall is rapidly approaching! I hope to paddle up through November and make up for lost time. I've talked to a few neighbors who are predicting a harsh winter based on the mild summer we've had here in North Carolina. I sure hope their predictions aren't accurate!


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