Sunday, July 6, 2014

Early Morning Paddle on the Eno River. Heron Close Ups and Smoke on the Water!

 Location: Eno River, Durham, NC Temperature: 60F Wind: None Conditions: Partly Sunny

I woke early on Sunday morning and arrived at the Eno River boat ramp a few minutes before 7 AM. There were only a few trucks with trailers in the parking lot and a fellow kayaker getting ready to put in. Early morning on the Eno River is a special time. There is a peacefulness and calm that greets those individuals who are fortunate enough to find themselves on its waters at this time of day. Click on the photos to enlarge. 

 Ghost-like tendrils of mist swirled and ebbed above the calm waters of the Eno River.

I was able to take remarkable close up Heron photos at this early hour of the morning. 

A Heron appears "suspended" in the mist shrouding the water. The "splash of red" to the right is a male Cardinal.

This Heron was calmly sitting in a patch of sunlight as I paddled round a bend. I got within 20 feet of the bird.

Doing its best imitation of the "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" combatants in the tree fighting scene.

One of many peaceful scenes that greeted me on the Eno River this Sunday morning!

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Thursday, July 3, 2014

Check out the Durhamblogger kayaking resources! Good stuff!

Hi everyone! I want to let my readers in on a little secret... or let's hope it is not too "big" a little secret!  ;-) Did you know, that in addition to reading about my paddling adventures here, that Durhamblogger is chock full of all kinds of kayak information?

Yep! From learning about kayak basics, to gear reviews and how to posts... to gear lists for day adventures, and paddling ratings for favorite put in spots, Durhamblogger has something for all kayak enthusiasts!

Of course, the "heart" of Durhamblogger is and always will be recording and sharing of my paddling adventures with readers. Since beginning Durhamblogger back in 2009, I've posted 80+ paddling adventures -  from local put ins here in North Carolina to Florida and places in between.

So, stop on by, pull up a chair, and sit for a while! Read some posts. Leave a few comments. I enjoy the company!

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