Sunday, June 29, 2014

Eno River - Paddling the Five Fingers Area

Location: Five Fingers Area on Eno River, Durham, NC Temperature: 62F Wind: Light Conditions: Mostly Sunny 

Sunday morning greeted me with moderate temperatures and the opportunity for another paddling adventure! I decided to explore the Five Fingers area on the Eno River - so named because the pond and marsh area bodies of water resembles a person's hand. I decided on an early start to avoid the heat (forecast to be in the upper 80's F) and the arrival of the majority of fishermen. I arrived at the Eno River boat ramp and put in a little before 8 AM. Click on the photos to enlarge.

Paddling the Eno River prior to reaching the Fiver Fingers area. The water levels were slightly high, with no current and little wind. Excellent paddling conditions.  

A Heron, walking in the shallow waters near shore, searching for its next meal.

Here is a close up photo of the Trumpet Creeper, or also know as the "cow itch vine" or "hummingbird vine."

The white "fireworks" bloom is a Buttonbush.

Natural "archway" of tree branches and foliage seems to beckon travelers to enter and explore. I did!

  Power line towers, that carry electricity for the Durham region, march off into the distance.

The Five Fingers area is characterized by shadowy, marshy areas, thick with foliage, and...

...wide sun-splashed areas that opened into large ponds.

It was a very nice paddle in the Five Fingers Area this Sunday morning! It was cool with only a couple of fishermen about on the water at this early hour. I hope to return to the Five Fingers Area with Rachel for another look soon!

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Saturday, June 7, 2014

Paddling Lake Michie and a Heron Habitat!

 Location: Lake Michie, Bahama, NC Temperature: 78F Wind: Calm Conditions: Mostly sunny

Another beautiful Saturday equals another paddling adventure for the Durhamblogger!  ;-)  It had been over a year since I last paddled Lake Michie, and I was overdue for another visit. So, a quick load up, and a short 20 minute drive later, I found myself at the Lake Michie boat ramp in Bahama. Click on the photos to enlarge. 

 Lake Michie offers some of the best Largemouth Bass fishing in the Piedmont of North Carolina, and as usual, there was a fishing tournament underway. So, as usual, I put in and paddled west to avoid the fishing activities and explore the more sheltered and narrow portion of the lake. Here I am approaching the Bahama Road bridge.

Cliff Swallow mud nests built on the underside of the Bahama Road bridge.

Than I encountered the Herons! This bird was performing its best "walk on water" routine.

Spectator on shore.

Always good to use "rock" as your foundation.

As I paddled closer, the Heron took to flight.

This bird was like an extension to the tree.

Finally, this fowl used the smallest branch as a perch.

Interesting rock formations are found in this section of Lake Michie. This rock face was over 20 feet high.

Many of the rock formations were overgrown with dense foliage and fallen trees.

Here is as far west that paddlers may travel on Lake Michie. The water became very shallow and passage was blocked by huge boulders.

Close up of one of the "paddle stopping" rocks.

On my return paddle to the Lake Michie boat ramp, I came to this small bridge.

There was less than 6 inches of water under my keel, but I was able to maneuver under the bridge.

And discovered this secluded body of water on the far side.     

Dense forest growth lined the shore.

Another ecosystem that was part of Lake Michie.

Another fun paddle adventure! I wonder how many people, who live in the immediate vicinities of lakes, streams, and ponds, never experience the pure joy of being on the water and viewing nature up close and personal? I encourage my readers to get outside, work up a sweat, and meet Mother Nature in her own back yard! I plan to return to Lake Michie in the near future when there is no fishing tourney underway and explore the eastern part of this lake. Until than, keep taking life one stroke at a time. I do!  :-)

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