Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Thoughts for a New Year in 2014

Another year comes to an end... and with it the renewed hopes and dreams of a New Year in 2014! I always have mixed emotions at this time of year, but still have optimism for what will unfold in a new year. Plus, I'm looking forward to my paddling season resuming in a few short months!  ;-)

Here are my wishes and hopes for 2014. May they all come to pass!

Mike's 10 Wishes and Hopes for 2014

Thank God for all your blessings
Spend more time with family and friends
Say "I love you" more often
Smile and laugh more
Love yourself and then love others
Build up, don't tear down
Give more of yourself and watch it returned tenfold
Appreciate, respect, and care for nature
Help others
Take life one stroke at a time ;-)

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  1. Wonderful thoughts, the best to you and Rachel in 2014!

    1. I continue a tradition, started a few years ago, of posting these same thoughts and wishes each new year! Just think if more people lived this way, what a better world for us all! A happy new year to you and Mark!


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