Sunday, July 28, 2013

Return to Flat Creek after a four year absence!

Location: Flat Creek, Henderson, NC.  Temperature: 85F Wind: Light  Conditions: Partly sunny

One paddle a weekend is never enough! Rachel came up with an idea of paddling after church services on Sunday! My reaction - but of course!  ;-) I decided to re-visit (for Rachel it was her first time) Flat Creek located in Henderson, NC. The last time I had paddled on  Flat Creek was back in November 2009! Church ended around 12 noon, so we grabbed a quick bite of lunch and by 1:00 PM I was nosing my truck with kayak into the Williamsboro Wayside parking lot next to Flat Creek. Click on the photos to enlarge.

Rachel, in her customary front seat. She leads, and I follow! ;-)

It was partly sunny day with a slight threat of afternoon showers. I was glad for the cloud cover since it helped reduce some of the afternoon heat.

Rachel and I paddled by several "butterfly bushes" that had dozen of butterflies flitting around.

Flat Creek boasts many grand homes complete with both individual and community boat docks.

A "two-boat" house with jet ski and motor skiff .

There were several skiers and pontoon boats towing rafts plying the waters of Flat Creek. Rachel and I kept a vigilant eye on the speeding water craft while we hugged the shoreline.

Like clockwork, the "slight chance" of rain showers went to 100% chance! Thankfully, no thunder or lightening accompanied the gentle down pour. The rain turned out to be more spotty showers than an all afternoon event. Besides, the rain helped cool us down from our paddling and was welcomed!

We spotted two heron - both tree bound and difficult to see among the tree foliage.

One captain's "vision" of a pontoon boat? Looks like the intrepid individual decided it was better to have a "mobile" dock, complete with grill, than the boring old fashioned kind that normally don't move!

Showers have passed with the promise of a beautiful day on Flat Creek.

Rachel and I had a great time paddling on Flat Creek. It was fun to introduce her to this "new" body of water and for me to re-discover it for myself!

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  1. beautiful pictures! glad you two had fun! can't wait to see you both on Saturday!

  2. Some of the best adventures are done in tandem!

    1. I agree 100% on that statement! ;-)


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