Saturday, July 6, 2013

July 4th Weekend Paddle at Beaver Dam Lake!

  Location: Beaver Dam Lake, Wake County, NC.  Temperature: 78F Wind: Light  Conditions: Partly sunny

Rachel and I decided to get in a paddle at one of our favorite sites - Beaver Dam Lake over the long July 4th holiday weekend. We went for a mid-morning put in to avoid both the heat and holiday crowds. Click on the photos to enlarge.

 Lots of water craft line the shore. A canoe, sit-on-top kayak, 3 Coleman stand up paddle boards (SUPs), and our tandem Mainstream Escapade kayak in the foreground.

A turtle sunning it self on a dead tree.

Sun peering through the trees and foliage as we paddle in a quiet cove.

"Water strider" insects that "walk" (stride) across on the water surface. Click on the photo to enlarge and you can see that their legs are suspended on the water surface.

Gorgeous cloud formations that billowed hundreds of feet in the air above Beaver Dam Lake.

Trees basking in the sunlight.

Looking out from a peaceful cove.

Here's how NOT to use SUPs and kayaks. Nobody is wearing PFDs except for the kid lying down in the bow of the SUP on the left.  In fact, the PFDs are on the SUP decks where they will be useless in an emergency. The fellow with the white hat, is wearing street shoes and socks. The guy in the kayak has on jeans and a t-shirt. Thankfully, the water temperatures are warm and they are not far from the shoreline.  

A woodpecker clinging onto a dead tree.

Remarkably close up photo of a blue heron. The bird stayed perched on the tree limb the entire time I was taking photographs.

Rachel and I enjoyed a relaxing and fun paddle at Beaver Dam Lake. We went early, avoided both the heat and holiday crowds, and got in some good upper body workout. Hope to return soon to the lake!

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  1. I like the photo of sunlight through the trees. those are always tricky to frame. The picture of the peaceful cove is very inviting. And am I sensing resignation to people who treat kayaks/SUPs as nothing more than floating toys/tanning surfaces?? (because in some cases that seems like all they are...)

    1. Yes! I am resigned to the fact that many folks treat paddling like it is some kind of Disney amusement park ride in which nothing bad could possibly happen. Hopefully, more individuals will think safety first.

  2. Good point Mike. I SUP wearing a PFD, but most people don't. If you fall off and hit the board instead of the water, you can get hurt or worse. Wind and big boat and Seedoo wakes can push you into fallen trees, docks, and rocks, etc. And your board can take off without you fast and you're alone in the middle of a big lake. People will never listen or change unless it is made a law to wear a PFD with a fine attached if you don't. Then, maybe 30% of people will listen and wear a PFD. Cheers from Canada!

    1. Hi Peggy! Hopefully the stats for folks wearing seat belts while driving is higher than 30 percent! I just shake my head at the people who believe they are immune to accidents and than express shock when accidents happen to them!


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