Friday, July 26, 2013

Another fun paddling adventure at Beaver Dam Lake!

  Location: Beaver Dam Lake, Wake County, NC.  Temperature: 83F Wind: Light  Conditions: Partly sunny

Friday morning found me "slaving away" at my job, but I was distracted by the beautiful day and wondering how I was going to get in a paddle adventure for the weekend. Than a brilliant idea struck me! Why not start my weekend early and do some paddling on Friday? A quick note to my boss and co-workers that I "needed" to take a half day off on Friday and by noon I was closing up my laptop and loading my kayak into my truck! By 1:30 PM I was driving through the park gates and a little before 2:00 PM, I found myself putting in at one of my all time favorite paddling spots - Beaver Dam Lake! Click on the photos to enlarge.

 It was a partially sunny day with a slight wind and little current on the lake. Except for a couple of fishermen I spotted in the distance, I had Beaver Dam Lake to myself!

Spotted a couple of blue herons. This heron calmly watched me from his perch about 20 feet above the lake waters.

This heron was too busy wading along the shoreline and looking for its next meal to pay much attention to a small yellow kayak paddling in the cove.

Beautiful symmetry on display with this flower.

A turtle basking in the sunlight, on a dead log. Seconds after taking this photo, it plopped into the muddy water and disappeared from sight.

A huge cocoon with its webbing encompassing several tree branches. Wonder what is inside?

The answer! Hundreds of caterpillars waiting to break out and wreck havoc on the world! Hopefully, many of these little guys will find themselves becoming "fish food."

One of two fishing and observation platforms at Beaver Dam Lake.

The "skinnies." A forest of tall and skinny pine trees.

Here's one way to paddle a SUP. This fellow stayed on his belly for his entire paddle. Guess he had an  upper body and arm workout going on?

Gorgeous view from a quiet cove on Beaver Dam Lake.

I had a wonderful and relaxing time at Beaver Dam Lake! It had been a while since I had been paddling and it sure felt "right" to be back on the water! Until next time. And remember, to always take life one stroke at a time!

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  1. Nice to be able to leave work early for a little paddling adventure. Keep your paddle wet!

    1. Hey Rob. I firmly believe we have to "make time" in order to "have time" for our favorite hobbies and sports! Thanks for reading.


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