Sunday, June 16, 2013

Paddling the Catawba River on Father's Day!

  Location: Catawba River, Charlotte, NC Temperature: 85F Wind: Light Conditions: Sunny, and hot 

Over Father's Day weekend, Rachel and I went to visit our oldest son John who lives in Charlotte, NC. So, what visit to Charlotte would not be complete without a day spent at the U.S. National White Water Center! White water kayaking and rafting, mountain biking, rock climbing, zip lines, and flat water kayaking on the Catawba River, this place has it all! The U.S. Olympic Team also trains here. Our first stop, once we secured our day pass, was to get in some flat water kayaking on the Catawba River! Click on the photos to enlarge.

 Yours truly, Mike, the Durhamblogger in good old number #156 - a Perception Tribe 9'.5" sit on top  kayak, cruising along the Catawba River. A large marina is in the back ground.

Our oldest son John trying out a stand up paddle (SUP) board for the first time. It took a while for him to get the "feel" of it - especially where to plant his feet. But, after a few shaky minutes, John was paddling like a pro! 

Father and son paddling together. A fitting picture for Father's Day.

Rachel, in her own trusty number 48 Perception Tribe.

Our flotilla rounded Sadler Island and discovered this cut through channel. The poles hanging from wires are slalom poles, used for training in white water kayaking slalom events.

Spotted large turtle pairs sunning themselves on dead tree trunks.

The cut through the island narrowed and got shallow rapidly.

John had to take an unorthodox SUP position to squeeze under the tree limbs and vines!

It was amazing to think that a busy marina and Catawba River boat traffic were only a few hundred yards from this tranquil paddling spot!

Rachel, looking "Kool" in her shades!

The huge kayak flotilla fleet, available for folks who chose to kayak the Catawba River, while visiting the U.S. White Water Center.

We had a wonderful weekend visiting with our oldest son and celebrating Father's Day together! Paddling, and being with family, made for a memorable time! Looking forward to returning to the Catawba River! 

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