Sunday, June 2, 2013

Gear Review: Kayak Comparison Tool by FindTheBest

Gear Reviewed:  Kayak Comparison Tool by FindTheBest

  Five out of five kayaks rating

Net: A free, versatile, intuitive, and feature-rich kayak comparison tool with multiple data filters and sorting options. It includes detailed kayak descriptions, reviews, and retailer prices.

Price: Free

Manufacturer: FindTheBest

Pros: Free. 7 filters to apply to search results. Detailed kayak model descriptions. Ability to sort search columns and compare selected kayak models side-by-side. Links to retailers and manufacturers.

Cons: None.

Details: Katie, from FindTheBest, introduced me to their kayak comparison tool and asked me to evaluate it for myself and my readers. I was happy to oblige! And boy, am I glad I took their kayak comparison tool for a "test paddle!"  ;-)

This tool is awesome! Users have the ability to search for kayak models using 7 filters, 3 sortable columns, comparison of selected kayaks side-by-side, price comparisons, find retailers and manufacturer Websites, and more! And the best part of this tool, is it is free!

Mike, the Durhamblogger, awards this kayak comparison tool 5 out of 5 kayaks - the highest  rating! This tool is an outstanding comparison aid for all persons - whether you are a novice paddler looking for a first boat or a veteran wanting to outfit your growing flotilla with another kayak!

Users have up to 7 filters to apply to their search results. In this example, I was searching for a (1.) recreational, (2.) Sit-Inside, (3.) One Person, (4.) Kayak weight 13 - 65 pounds, (5.) Kayak length 130 - 144 inches, (6.) Kayak weight capacity 80 - 300 pounds, and (7.) Kayak price $100 - $800 USD.

Search result columns; Manufacturer and model, price, weight, and length may be sorted. So, for example, you could sort your results; from lowest price to highest, lightest weight to heaviest, or shortest length to longest.

Once you have search results, you can also click on the "Compare Now" box and...

... just compare those selected kayak models side-by-side. Good stuff!

I urge all my readers to take a look at this great kayak selection tool from FindTheBest... and start "finding" "the best" kayak for you today!

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