Sunday, June 9, 2013

A hot and humid paddle on the Neuse River!

   Location: Neuse River, Durham, NC Temperature: 85F Wind: Light Conditions: Sunny, hot and 85% humidity

Heavy rains and flash flood warnings for the Raleigh-Durham area led up to the weekend. It rained and stormed on Saturday. Sunday afternoon proved to be hot and humid. It also proved to be the only opportunity for Rachel and I to get in a paddle. We went for it! We decided to head down the Neuse River via the Eno River. (Click on the photos to enlarge.)

The Neuse River was 3 feet over its banks and in flood state. But, the current was not running rapidly and made for a good paddle. Also, because of the numerous floating debris in the river, no fishermen in their powered watercraft ventured out. Except for a couple of folks canoeing, we had the Neuse River to ourselves!

Rachel in her customary front seat. Note the muddy and high water levels of the Neuse River.

It was an extremely hot and sticky day. Humidity was 85%. Numerous clouds were building throughout our paddle and there was a threat of thunderstorms later in the day. We kept an eye to the sky during our paddle.

An osprey nest perched high on a power line tower.

On previous paddles, this nest appeared empty. This time, we were greeted with two little osprey heads peeking out over the nest! Click on the photo to enlarge.

Our paddle was mostly about getting some exercise and an excuse to get out on the water. The time of day and the hot, and humid conditions meant Rachel and I did not see much wild life during our paddle on the Neuse River. But, there's always a next time! Stay safe out there and remember to take life one stroke at a time!

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  1. Hey Mike,
    Neat that you were able to get a shot of the osprey in their nest!
    Sounds like you're enjoying the paddling season so far. Happy Kayaking!


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