Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial Day paddle at Beaver Dam Lake!

 Location: Beaver Dam Lake, Wake County, NC.  Temperature: 72F Wind: Light 5 - 10 mph Conditions: Partly sunny

So, as part of our Memorial Day "double-header" paddling adventures, Rachel and I decided to head to one of our favorite put in areas - Beaver Dam Lake!  Click on the photos to enlarge.

 Mid-morning at Beaver Dam Lake. The waters were still like glass. It made for excellent paddling conditions. We headed north-east to look for the elusive bald eagles that are known to frequent this more quiet and secluded area of the lake.

Since it was Memorial Day, we did encounter lots of folks enjoying themselves in kayaks, canoes, and small electric-motorized water craft.

Close encounter with an anhinga or "snake bird."

Cliff swallow mud pellet nests under the Weaver Dairy Road Bridge.

An abandoned bird observation platform.

The wide open expanse of swampy area located in the north-eastern corner of Beaver Dam Lake.

We took a quick bio break here to stretch our legs and backs on our return paddle.

We were not the first individuals to visit this spot. The remains of a camp fire and spits used to roast the fish over the open flames. We found the carcass of several fish close by the camp site.

A large tandem touring kayak passing our "stretching legs rest stop." Amusing story. Rachel and I eventually caught up and passed this couple from several 100 yards away. We were really stroking it as we passed the slower moving tandem, and the guy in the back seat called out to us. "What kind of motor do you have in your kayak?" I called back. "None. But we have been paddling for 3 years!"

Up close and personal with a butterfly.

Two amazing up close photos of a blue heron stalking...

... and successfully snatching lunch from the lake. There is a large fish hanging from the bird's beak. Click on the photo to enlarge.

And so ends our wonderful "double-header" Memorial Day weekend paddling adventures! No bald eagle sightings. But, fantastic weather and getting to share it with Rachel made it extra special! Looking forward to our next adventure soon!

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  1. Nice pics Mike. Thanks so much for the shot of the swallow nests! I've never seen them before. I didn't know they lived so close together. I love swallows!

    1. Hi Peggy: You are most welcome! I actually photographed some occupied swallow nests, but unfortunately,the photos were blurred and not useable.

  2. Beautiful shots! Ya'll seemed to have lots of fun! Chris and I are wanting to go sea kayaking in the marshes sometime!

    1. Hi Caroline. Next time you and Chris are in our neck of the woods, we need to head out to the lake for some paddling adventures!


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