Monday, May 13, 2013

L. L. Bean displays proper PFD-equipped models in their Summer Outdoors 2013 catalog!

Mike, the Durhamblogger extends two enthusiastic "thumbs up" to L. L. Bean for showing proper PFD-equipped models in their Summer Outdoors 2013 catalog! Even the stand-up paddleboard (SUP) models, who are traditionally photographed in swim trunks and bikinis, have donned PFDS!

Now, if only other major outdoor clothing manufacturers like Eddie Bauer would follow L. L. Bean's lead... we might start a trend here?

I also contacted L. L. Bean directly and received this response from Deborah S. in Customer Service:

"We appreciate you writing in your blog about our models wearing appropriate safety attire in our catalog, Mr. West. L.L.Bean is a strong proponent of  work site and recreational safety. Thank you for noticing and taking the time to write to us today- as well as mentioning it in your personal blog. It is something that should be consistent across all retailers, especially since safety should always come before fashion!  Thank you again for the good press and have a great week!"

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  1. Whoo, hoo! And they show Stand Up Paddle (SUP) boarders and people in those sit on top kayaks, who we rarely ever see wearing PFDs. Awesome. Two thumbs up.

    I wonder if your vigilance in reporting and writing about this topic has anything to do with L.L. Bean's lead . . . ?:)

    1. I "hope" that may be the case Peggy! Regardless, I will continue to report on the "good guys" like L. L. Bean who promote paddle safety and the "not so good guys" like Eddie Bauer that choose "fashion over safety."

  2. LL Bean deserves a special reward for resisting the bikini and PFD-free model for their SUP boards. I noted today that NRS could not resist the bikini model (she was posed on-shore).
    It's nice that you took teh time to thank LL Bean, I bet that made someone's day!


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