Saturday, April 27, 2013

Fantasic Paddle on the Flat River!

 Location: Flat River. Durham, NC. Temperature: 62F Wind: Light 3 - 6 mph Conditions: Sunny

Saturday's weather promised to be ideal for paddling and it did not disappoint! I finished my chores on Friday afternoon and blocked in Saturday morning for a paddle on the Flat River. Rachel went to visit her mother for the weekend, so it was me with my Aquafusion Liberty 13, on the Flat River on a beautiful April morning!

 The Flat River was totally "flat" with little to no current. It made for ideal paddling conditions.

I encountered Herons wading in the shallow waters along the river banks.

The birds were busy searching for their next fish meals and did not pay much attention to a guy in a bright yellow kayak.

A broken spider web, some strands moving in the light breeze, catch the sunlight rays.

The remains of a dock, tumbled over, and rocking gently in the river swell.

A fallen tree, sprouting new green growth, frames the river in its branches.

A dead tree, stands like a sentry, above the shore foliage.

The "flatness" of the Flat River allowed for nice water reflections.

A small cove meanders its way among the forest trees.

A large tree leans precariously over the Flat River.

Large, billowy clouds added a splash of white to the blue skies.

The remains of trees poke their dead wood above the surface.

It was a wonderful and reflective paddle for me on the Flat River! Two calm and tranquil hours of paddling on a bright and sunny April morning! And the best part of my adventure? It's only 10 minutes from our house!  :-)

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