Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Not Eddie Bauer! No PFDs on models!

I just received my Eddie Bauer Spring 2013 catalog... and at first was excited to see folks enjoying a kayak paddling adventure gracing both the cover.... and the immediate fold pages.

But, upon closer inspection, none of the models in the photos are wearing PFD's! In the cover photo, the PFD is strapped down on deck behind the cockpit. Useless in an emergency. In the fold pages, the PFD's are lashed down on the forward decks of the two kayaks. Again, useless in an emergency.

Say it ain't so Eddie Bauer!

One of the most essential pieces of safety gear that persons should wear, at all times, while paddling, is a personal flotation device or PFD.  According to the United States Coast Guard, almost 75% of all persons killed in boating incidents drowned. Of those, 84% were not wearing a life jacket.  In my opinion, a PFD is NOT optional safety gear, but mandatory. Both Rachel and myself always wear a properly fitted PFD when paddling and I urge all my readers to do the same!

I just wish Eddie Bauer saw fit to show the proper use of PFD's... and send a message of safety first and always... to its customers.

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  1. Good for you Mike that you keep pointing these things out in publications. Shows their lack of knowledge and lack of care for public safety. The photographer prefers to show pretty girls and their attributes from an obvious side angle that a PFD would cover up.

    I don't like to paddle with people who won't or don't wear a PFD - I don't care how hot it is, or what their excuses are. Yet, boaters almost never wear PFDs.

    Paddlers who don't wear PFDs are your first clue that they probably aren't someone you can count on. And, I've already seen some know-it-all get dumped over in a bad situation, and the PFD was strapped onto the back deck of the kayak.

    It pays to buy a comfortable, well-fitting PFD, then you are more likely to wear it! Most of the people I paddle with always wear a PFD. But sometimes in groups, people just show up with their bad habits. I try to avoid them for trips.

    Cheers from Canada!
    We are getting lots of snow.

    1. Hey Peggy! I will never understand the mentality of some folks who refuse to wear a PFD when boating. If you don't care about your own safety, than think about wearing one so you'll not cause any grief or loss to your loved ones if a water accident happens Tragically, every year, here in North Carolina, I read about senseless and tragic deaths of folks who refused to wear a PFD and drown. In some cases, these folks did not even know how to swim, and had no business being on the water! I also fired off an email to Eddie Bauer and referenced this blog post. I'll post their reply, that is, IF I even get a response from them.

  2. Also, it's hard to understand the reasoning. Is there something un-sexy about a PFD? I think not! "Outdoor active" is hot, it's current, and Eddie Bauer, if you don't think the PFD is fashionable, howzabout designing one that is? :0)

    1. Hi Suzy. Not sure why Eddie Bauer does not follow the example set by L.L. Bean that their catalog models should be properly outfitted with PFDs when paddling? Paddle sport enthusiasts need to take these clothing retailers to task and demand that safety should come before fashion. That's the only way it will ever change. Thanks for your comments!


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