Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Welcome to 2013 and Other Random Thoughts!

Howdy everyone! Welcome to 2013! Aren't we all glad that 2012 is behind us? So, why the big smile (or is it a grin?) on the Durhamblogger's face... you may ask? Lots of reasons!

But the most important reason for the smile...


I've also started "hinting" to Rachel that it's time to start thinking about the purchase of another single-seat kayak! Currently, the Durhamblogger flotilla contains two kayaks -  a Mainstream Escapade (the blue tandem kayak Rachel and I are paddling in the blog header photo) and a single-seat yellow Aquafusion Liberty - featured in many blog photos). It would be nice for both of us to have our own kayaks when embarking on our 2013 paddling adventures!

So, while you are waiting for the 2013 paddling adventures to start populating these pages, don't forget that Durhamblogger offers lots of resources (Gear Reviews & How to) for the paddling enthusiast! From posts on how to buy a kayak... to installing seat cushions.... to rating that latest water shoe... to evaluating local put in areas... Durhamblogger has the informed posts written by an experienced paddler (me!) for your information and enjoyment!

If you tire of the Durhamblogger resources posts, don't forget that you have over four years worth of paddling adventures to read... from lakes... to rivers... and streams in eastern North Carolina and Virginia. Lots of good stuff for everyone! 

So, stay tuned! The Durhamblogger blog pages will start to shake "themselves" free from the Winter doldrums... and new paddling adventures will be written on it's pages for 2013! I can't wait!

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  1. You should come to Wilmington, its 77 here! It's getting ready to get cold again though! I'm so ready for it to start be consistently warm!

    1. Don't rub it in! I am ready for warmer temperatures too - especially water temperatures, so I can get back out on the water!


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