Saturday, December 8, 2012

Durhamblogger Top Five Posts of all Time!

Hi everyone! I've looked back into the Durhamblogger archives, dusted off my past kayaking posts, counted them up (using both fingers and toes!), and got them into order by most popular post. Than, I checked my list twice, since it's that time of the year. Ho-Ho? Drum roll please! So, here for your reading pleasure, are the all time top five Durhamblogger reader-viewed posts! Enjoy!

#1. Before Kerr Lake - An Interesting History Lesson

#2. Gear Review: Teva Fuse-ion Water Shoe

#3. Installing Kayak Seat Cushions - An Easy Project

#4. Paddling and Cold Water Survival

#5. A Beautiful Morning Paddling at Sandling Beach, Falls Lake

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  1. I wish it would warm up so I can see more posts! I hope you had a merry christmas!

  2. Hi Caroline! I wish it was warmer too! Both in the air and water temperatures! But hang in there! Less than 4 months and counting until I am back out on the water!


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