Saturday, November 3, 2012

Paddling the Hyco River with the Dan River Basin Association!

Location: Hyco River, Halifax County, VA. Temperature: 43F Wind: Calm Conditions: Mostly Sunny

Saturday morning I met up with Wayne Kirkpatrick and the fine folks of the Dan River Basin Association for a paddle on the Hyco River! Rachel was not keen on paddling in cold temperatures and decided to spend some quality time with her mother. I was excited to meet fellow yakers and paddle the Hyco River - the first time I've paddled this river! I was a little apprehensive while loading my kayak and gear in the early morning hours - it was cold with temperatures in the mid-30's! But as the sun rose and warmed the outside air, temperatures became more tolerable in the mid-to-upper 40's and 50's halfway through the paddle.

 Yours truly - Mike, the Durhamblogger, paddling on the Hyco River. And yes, I am wearing a PFD under my water resistant jacket! I dressed in layers for this paddle.

Put in / take out was near the twin Highway 58 bridges that span the Hyco River. There was a small, concrete boat ramp that made for an easy entry into the water. There were approximately ten paddlers in our group - majority of folks were paddling kayaks with the exception being two ladies paddling a large Old Town canoe.

Approaching the twin Highway 58 bridges just after put in.

Our flotilla making its way along the Hyco River. We encountered occasional and brief (thankfully!) wind gusts that made for a few cold moments, but the majority of the paddle was conducted under sunny and calm weather with little water current. Very nice paddling conditions!

A suspected beaver lodge.

I spied some unusual tree stumps, the remains of a larger forest that once grew near the water's edge.

This tree stump was "camera shy" and was hurrying away!

Impressive rock formations lined part of the shore. I estimated the dimensions to be approximately 15 feet in height and, at least, 30 feet in length. 

Wispy and high cloud formations broke up the otherwise deep blue sky.

A few lingering Autumn colors were seen in the shoreline trees.

We stopped for lunch and to stretch our legs.

A possible animal's burrow. I got close enough to peer inside and noted a floor of leaves inside. One of my fellow paddlers joked that I should have stuck my head inside to see if any one was "home." I declined that invitation! My mama did not raise a dummy!  ;-)

Wonder what's around that next bend?

A fork in the tree? Or maybe two are better than one?

What a wonderful four hour paddle I had with members of the Dan River Basin Association! I had an enjoyable time paddling and chatting with folks along the Hyco River. I will be sure to check the group's calendar for other paddling outings and look forward to joining them in the future!

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  1. Whooo man! That is a chilly temperature! Looks like you had tons of fun on that one! I'm really glad that your mother-in-law is doing better! I hope I'll get to meet her over thanksgiving! I love your comment on the hole where an animal might be! It made me laugh really hard! It's amazing how fast the leaves are falling on the leaves, I feel like time is flying by! It's scary!

    1. Wait until you get into a more mature age like me and than time really flies by! ;-) November is always kind of a depressing month for me because my paddle season ends and I don't get back out on the water until mid-March. Water temperatures get too cold and I don't own a dry suit. So, I plan to squeeze in as many paddles as I can between now and the end of the month!

    2. Well I hope the weather goes in your favor!!!!

  2. Cold weather paddling isn't so bad. My problem is I always dress too warm and start shedding layers quickly. And any day on the water is a good day! Paddle on!

    1. Hey Rob. It's not the cold air temperature, but the cold water temperature that is the real killer! As I mentioned to Caroline, I don't own a dry suit, so end of November marks the end of my paddling season. But, I certainly agree that any day on the water is a good one! And I always take life one stroke at a time!

  3. Hi Mike,

    It seems that we are both trying hard to take advantage of opportunities to get out on the water despite the cold temperature. The conditions for the moment in SD seem close to those in NC. I was out this morning for a cruise with a starting temp of high 30s and ending a couple of hours later in the low 40s: tropical for here on the northern plains! There was a little ice on parts of the lake this morning. I hope to get in a couple more times this season before the kayak is stored for the long winter.

    1. Hi Jay. Yes. The weather here in NC can be rather extreme in November. One day the highs will be in the mid-40's and the next day we will see temperatures in the 70's! I defiantly will be maximizing my opportunities to get out on the water between now and the end of the month!


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