Saturday, October 6, 2012

Durhamblogger Flotilla on the Flat River!

Location: Flat River, Durham, NC. Temperature: 72F Wind: Light Conditions: Sunny

Saturday was a gorgeous day with low temperatures and humidity. I was feeling much recovered from my bout with "flu-like" symptoms the previous week... and was anxious and ready to get back out on the water! I decided to paddle the Flat River, that branches off the Eno River. The put in / take out area is a short 10 minute drive from the house. 

 Rachel and I pose for a photo similar to the Durhamblogger header one on the landing page of my blog. You may wonder who is taking the picture?

Our oldest son John, took the above photo. John was on Fall Break from UNC Charlotte, and went paddling with us on Saturday. I was really excited and happy to have John with us! So, we had both kayaks, the entire Durhamblogger flotilla on the Flat River that morning! 

Rachel snapped this rather "dramatic pose" of me. I was attaching my paddle leash and checking out the high water levels on the Eno River prior to our put in. I wore my water resistant pants and had my black UNC Charlotte cap, in honor of John joining us today.

John had previous paddle experience and he quickly got comfortable in the cockpit of the "yellow beast." There was little current and few fishermen in motor boats passing us, which made for an enjoyable paddle.

A "splash of color" around the a bend on the Flat River. Hints of an approaching Fall were evident in the tree foliage and numerous dead leaves that rocked gently on the water surface.

 I especially like the lighting and water ripples in this photo of John gliding along the Flat River. I think it captures the essence of paddling and the wonder of what one might discover around that next bend in the river.

A partially dead tree with the majority of its root system exposed and poised in mid-air. It will soon fall victim to wind and water erosion and join its fallen comrades in the water.

Rachel took this magnificent photo of a turtle sunning itself on a dead tree branch in the middle of the Flat River. Note the detail on the shell and markings along the neck. We were both astonished at how close the reptile allowed us to glide up to it. Hands down, this is the best turtle photo captured and displayed on Durhamblogger!

Rachel also took this photo of three smaller turtles. A larger turtle, we assumed to be the "mother,' slipped off the dead tree trunk as we paddled closer, leaving her "babies" to fend for themselves. They "posed" for several photos before they became "camera shy" and joined their mother.

Red berries in a bush over hanging the river.

Nicely framed photo of a heron sitting in the foliage along the river bank.

Unfortunately, John was unable to keep up with the more experienced, conditioned, and "mature" paddlers in our flotilla - Rachel and myself!  We wore him out!  ;-) Actually, John had decided to take a "break" before we started our return paddle to the Eno River boat ramp.

We had a great time paddling on the Flat River this Saturday! It was wonderful to have our oldest son with us to enjoy our paddling adventure together as a family! BTW, I also learned that our youngest son, Chris, has expressed a sudden interest in paddling with Rachel and me too! It turns out that his girl friend Caroline also enjoys kayaking and is a Durhamblogger follower too! Funny, how things seem to work out that way?   ;-)

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  1. And that is how you eventually wind up with a fleet of seven kayaks....
    Enjoy that family time!

    1. I wondered how kayaks in a family increased in number? ;-)

  2. Hey Dad! It's Chris and I'm posting from Caroline's account here but I really liked your pictures! Caroline and I are jealous, and we want to go when the leaves start to turn colors. John looks like he's havng a blast there chilling in the "yellow beast"! I think Caroline wants to say something now:
    Hopefully one day we can go with ya'll! I really liked the tree photo that hangs off on the side! So pretty and cool! I also really love the turtle, its adorable!
    I'm glad you are feeling better and able to get back out! =)

    1. Chris, you and Caroline are welcome to join us anytime in our paddling adventures! The more the merrier! Looks like I need to renew my search for another single seat kayak?


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