Saturday, September 22, 2012

Return to paddling at Lake Holt

Location: Lake Holt, Butner, NC. Temperature: 62F Wind: Light Conditions: Sunny

Saturday morning, Rachel had to make rounds at work, so that left me by myself with "nothing" to do! Right! Hopefully, my readers know me better than that! I decided it was time to return to Lake Holt for an early morning paddle. I arrived at the Lake Holt recreation area a little after 8:00 AM and after paying the very reasonable $3.00 launch fee, I was making my "rounds" on the lake!  ;-) 

Put in at the Lake Holt boat ramp. The water levels were very high so that the majority of the ramp was submerged. I actually had to park my truck beyond the ramp, and "walk" my kayak down to the water's edge.

A large cross that was erected near the lake and used for sun rise services.

 Looking out from a quiet, shadowy cove on Lake Holt. There was little breeze and its absence made for effortless paddling and great reflections on the water.

The Lake Holt reservoir dam machinery near the spillway. The signs posted on top of the tower warn boaters to stay 50 yards away... which I did! I don't fancy being either caught up in the suction currents produced by the machinery or being swept over the spillway! Two excellent ways to end up in a hospital or worse!

 Large rock formations near the NE corner of Lake Holt.

 I captured water cascading over a spillway.

 Another quiet, shadowy cove with the morning sun starting to luminate the tops of the trees.

 A "splash" of red flowers that reflected nicely in the still water.

 A large tree trunk, jutting out from the shore, like the prow of an old wooden "ship-of-the-line" from a bygone era. Again, the reflections on the water surface were striking.

 A lone, magnificent tree towers over a sun splashed meadow.

A small stream, meandering its way among the forest trees. 

It was an enjoyable and reflective paddle at Lake Holt this early Saturday morning. It was a nice solo adventure for me. I am looking to return to Lake Holt at the height of fall and capturing all the wonderful leaf colors for my Durhamblogger readers!

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  1. It's amazing that the lake went that high on the boat ramp!!!! I really like the cross, I always wanted to go to some outdoor service type thing, I think that'd be pretty cool! I also like how the sun is beaming off of the cross, just beautiful. I also really like the red flowers reflection off the lake picture! It's just gorgeous! Looks like it was a gorgeous day out there! I'm sure you enjoyed!


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