Saturday, September 1, 2012

Lake Michie, Duke Women's Rowing Team, and Mike's Island!

 Location: Lake Michie, Durham, NC Temperature: 88F Wind: Calm Conditions: Mostly cloudy

During the long Labor Day weekend, Rachel and I took a break from our "labors" and decided that a paddle was in order! We agreed to pay a visit to Lake Michie, located near the the town of Bahama. The put in area is located a short 20 minute ride from our house. The last time I had visited Lake Michie was back in June 2011, so it was time for a return trip!

Rachel, armed with my new FujiFilm Finepix S2980 camera, captured some great photos from her customary front seat vantage point! Here, a Heron poses for its photo!

The waters of Lake Michie were calm and flat, lending themselves to great reflections of the shoreline trees.

The cloud cover was a welcome relief from what would have been a hot and sticky paddle. Humidity levels were high, but there were occasional breezes that cooled us as we paddled. Here, we approach a land mass that I had dubbed "Mike's Island." I had first "discovered" "Mike's Island" during a paddling adventure back in October 2009 - "Another Lake Michie Paddling Adventure."

However, as we approached and landed on Mike's Island, we discovered that because of low water levels at Lake Michie, a result of drought conditions in the region, the "island" had been transformed into a "peninsula"! Here, I am standing on land that is normally a few feet under water!. Maybe, I need to rename my island "Mike's Peninsula" instead?

Rachel got up close and personal with this butterfly... resulting in this great photo!

The Duke Women's Rowing team was out on Lake Michie practicing their strokes

Rachel and I watched them as they rowed past us on Mike's Island.... I mean Mike's Peninsula. There were three sweep boats and two coach's boats that were circling around, one coach instructing the team using a megaphone.

I caught some of the Duke women's rowing action on video. Rachel and I were impressed that the coach, seen in the circling motor boat, was able to bark instructions to her team while maneuvering in and out of the three sweep boats. So, you can do more than one task at a time!  ;-)


Rachel and I had an enjoyable time on Lake Mickie during the Labor Day weekend. There were few fishermen where we paddled and we had lots of room to ourselves to paddle and enjoy nature. Hope everyone has a fun and safe Labor Day weekend!

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  1. When I saw you step out on Mike's peninsula, I wanted to call out a warning: "Watch out for leeches in the mud flats!" I'm glad you didn't find any!

    1. I did not find any leeches or ticks for that matter! Nor, did they find me!

  2. Great pictures of the heron and the butterfly! The rowing video was fun to watch too. It must be nice having your own part-time island to visit and enjoy all the great scenery :)

    1. Please thank my wife Rachel. She took those amazing photos of the heron and butterfly! Well, I make so much money kayaking and blogging, that I'm able to afford my own island - just kidding! Thanks very much for reading and commenting!

    2. I enjoyed both of these photos too! They were beautiful pictures! Props to Mrs. West!


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