Tuesday, September 4, 2012

L. L. Bean - A Throw Back to a Simpler Time!

I just received our Fall 2012 L. L. Bean catalog... and I love the cover art! L. L. Bean recreated their popular 1966 catalog with photographer Randal Ford. For me, the cover captures the essence of adventure, the excitement of exploration, and the fun of being on a family vacation... all wrapped up in a "Norman Rockwell-like" painting! It's a nostalgic look of a bygone scene complete with a strapped down roof-mounted canoe and the prospect of many paddling adventures on the flat water below the parked station wagon. As a child, I remember riding in station wagons similar to the one depicted in this cover art... since these cars were the "mini-vans" and "SUVs" of the 1960's. What a nice break from work to take a trip down "memory lane!" Thanks L. L. Bean for the memories!

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  1. "Are we there yet?"
    My friends and I used to get in the way back, crouch with one hand on the rear seat back and pretend we were water-skiing. Lots of fun; but not too safe...

  2. Pretty cool. I too remember L.L.Bean. My mom was always a fan of the catalog. But my parents weren't paddlers. Dad was a fisherman who liked to catch walleyes and we caught the crayfish near the shore. And this was in the days that cars didn't have seat belts and we flopped around in the back at will!

    Cheers from Canada.

  3. My mom and I love the L.L Bean catalog, I love the peacefulness of the cover photo, definitly does bring memories to mind!

  4. As a child, I remember playing with my friends in the back of the station wagon. We would pretend to be camping and throw blankets over ourselves as we were taxied from place to place. Again, that was in the era of no seat belts, but somehow we made it through none the worst for wear!

  5. hahaha! Awe! I wish I had those expierences as a child, sounds like so much fun! I've never been camping but would really like to go someday! The picture always reminds me of camp where I first learned to canoe and kayak! Its just so peaceful and family oriented!

  6. Thought you might enjoy this story of how the covers were made:


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