Monday, September 24, 2012

Hiking the Fox Trot Trail - Beaver Dam Lake Area

Location: Beaver Dam Lake, Wake Forest, NC. Temperature: 86F Wind: Light Conditions: Sunny

Occasionally,"the Durhamblogger" wanders off the lakes and streams in eastern North Carolina, and finds himself exploring various trails in the area. Today, Saturday, September 22, I found myself and Rachel both exploring the Fox Trot Trail located at the Beaver Dam Lake recreation area. This adventure was undertaken the same day I had paddled Lake Holt in the morning. "Return to paddling at Lake Holt." So, I got an upper body workout in the morning and a lower body workout hiking the 1.6 mile Fox Trot Trail in the afternoon! Man, I was living large! ;-) BTW, you  better believe I was asleep "early" that night! 

 Fox Trot trail head. And no, we did not spot any foxes... nor did we "trot" on the trail!

A large mushroom blocked our path...

... and we ran into its orange cousin several yards along the trail.

Yep. This is what we were doing. We were even equipped with walking poles (Rachel uses two) and decked out in our hiking attire. I had a waist sack stashed with water and trail snacks.

Interesting hollowed out tree stumps. (Next 2 photos)

We learned, from one of the trail information plaques, that native American Indians made canoes out of these birch trees.

Unidentified "critter" track spotted in some soft mud. I did a little searching on some mammal identification track Websites and believe the tracks to be from a dog. In any case, we did not encounter the animal that made the print.

Nicely made foot bridge that was an Eagle Scout Project of  Matthew McBride, Troop 215 and built in June 2002.

The path less traveled?

So, we left our kayaks at home and had a invigorating hike at Beaver Dam Lake. We never encountered another person, and had the entire trail to ourselves! The only disappointing item to note was that the trail never approached near the lake, so we could not get any lake photos from the shoreline. However, it was a great day to be outside and hiking the trail was a "good excuse" to get outside without necessarily having to do any yard work around the house! Win-win in my book!  ;-)

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  1. The orange mushroom is soo pretty! Looks like you had a fun filled day!!! I'm glad you and Mrs. West enjoyed this past weekend and monday! The animal print definitly looks like it could be a dog print!

  2. 86 degrees! Wow, it was 46 degrees this morning at 9am, fall is descending quickly here. Nice that you're still enjoying summer! And wonderful mushroom shots.

    1. Yes! We are still experiencing summer in North Carolina! The next 3 days we are forecast to have highs in the mid-80's. It will cool off some this weekend with highs forecast to be in the low-to-mid 70's.


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