Sunday, August 26, 2012

Paddling the marshy area of Beaver Dam Lake

 Location: Beaver Dam Lake, Wake Forest, NC. Temperature: 84F Wind: Light Conditions: Mostly Sunny

Rachel and I decided that a paddle was in order immediately following church on Sunday! My only apprehension was I had to transport our kayak on I-85 to first attend church services and than drive to Beaver Dam Lake off Highway 50. Maybe because of my multiple caution flags hanging off my Extend-A-Truck bed extender or because I was traveling at a moderate speed in the right hand lanes, motorists gave my rig a wide berth and there were no incidents! It is said... and is truth... that the most "dangerous" part of kayaking... aside from getting in and out of the cockpit... is the drive to your put in / take out areas! 

 We put in about 3 miles north of the Beaver Dam Lake dock and recreational area. It's a rocky launch site, but has the advantage of being within 20 yards of a paved road and 3 miles closer to our paddle destination! This put in area also allowed us to maximize our paddle time within the marshy area of Beaver Dam Lake, located on the northern side of the Old Weaver Road bridge,

 Approaching the Old Weaver Road bridge on a summer afternoon. The water surface was as still and warm as bath water! The lack of wind and current made for an enjoyable paddle. 

 Entering the marshy area. A wide channel intersects the region and allows paddlers to penetrate deep into the area. You do need to be cautious of shallow water and the potential to get stuck in the sticky mud.

The remains of a forest over come by the marshy waters.

Rachel took this video, from her customary front seat. It gives viewers a good perspective of what we experienced during our paddle. 

A solitary dead tree standing watch as we paddle past it.

We spotted a few White Heron and Egrets. However, we knew that because of the time of day and heat, we would not see much fowl. Most wildlife are active during the early morning hours and late afternoon.

An entire dead forest rising above the still waters of Beaver Dam Lake.

A close up of the dead wood. Every time I paddle in this area, I get reflective and somber, thinking what this forest must have once looked like... and it's current state.

The cloud formations were superb and the reflections on the water surface were fantastic!

We landed on this shady bank to stretch our legs and prepare for our return paddle.

During our stretch, we both heard a strange, "water rushing" sound and spotted these schools of small fish (minnows?) paddling in the shallows. Rachel took some amazing video of these small fish schools, but I was unable to upload the video clip due to technical difficulties. Here is a photo of the fish schools.

Rachel and I enjoyed ourselves on Beaver Dam Lake this Sunday afternoon! We got to have some quiet paddle time for ourselves and could enjoy all of nature. Life's good!  :-). 
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