Saturday, July 14, 2012

Tandem Paddle on the Eno River

Location: Eno River, Durham, NC. Temperature: 78F Wind: Light 0 - 5mph Conditions: Partly Sunny

It had been several weeks since our last paddle in mid-June. With weeks of record heat... temperatures in excess of 100 F... broken up with brief periods of torrential downpours -the weather had not been favorable for any paddling adventures. So, it was with much relief on my part, that Rachel and I were finally able to paddle this Saturday on the Eno River! I was also excited to try out my new camera (birthday present) that Rachel and my sons bought for me -  a FujiFilm Finepix S2980 14 Megapixel camera with a 18X zoom lens! BTW, I believe the following photos are the best quality and sharpest images ever shown on Durhamblogger!

Put in was at the Red Mill Road boat ramp, a short 10 minute drive from our house. I was surprised that there were only a few trucks with trailers in the parking lot.. especially for a weekend. The Eno River was swollen from recent rainfall, but there was not a perceptible current. It was like paddling in a bath tub!

Rachel, in her customary front seat.

Rachel swiveled around, and took this photo of me while I was trying to "discreetly" finish chewing some trail mix. I would have smiled... but you get the picture!  ;-)

Approaching the Red Mill Road bridge that spans the Eno River.

Rachel captured a "kool" optical illusion with the superstructure image reflected off the water surface under the bridge. 

We nearly missed this Blue Heron. We had just rounded a bend and were passing a small bush on the banks of the river... and Rachel happened to look up and to her right. Just five feet above our heads was this guy! I snapped the photo.

Spotted this Egret perched on the top of a tree branch that jutted out over the Eno River.

A rare (for us), sighting of a Green-backed Heron. The fowl was sitting in a cluster of dead branches on the river. We passed within 10 feet of the bird and it barely moved. We saw it, in these same tree branches, on our return trip.

Sighted several small turtles, but only managed to "catch" a few of the reptiles on film. Most were "camera shy" and didn't want their photos taken!

A small turtle, no bigger than your finger.

A "splash" of red from unidentified flowers blooming on shrubs that lined the banks of the Eno River. 

Looks like one of those "Ents" (living tree creatures) from the film "Lord of the Rings." 

Strange and bulbous root systems - a result of wind and water erosion.

A ferocious  "tree trunk creature" lunging out from the deep foliage.

We also had to perform a "gruesome rescue." We were on our return trip to the boat ramp, and spotted these feet sticking out of the water. It was one of those.. "what the heck" kind of moments and we were both a little startled by this sight!  

It was actually more gruesome when I fished "Junior" out of the river! Yikes! Reminded me of that creepy baby doll "Big Baby" in Toy Story 3! Wonder how the doll ended up floating down the Eno River? I wrapped "Junior" in a plastic bag and disposed of him properly once we returned to our house. 

The next three photos are beauty shots. Enjoy!

Rachel and I had a wonderful paddle that summer morning on the Eno River! It was great to get back on the water after a long absence!

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  1. Great photos! Looks like your birthday gift will be put to good use!

    1. Hi Ang. I was pretty shocked by such a nice birthday present too!

  2. Wonderful photos; adorable little turtle. So do you each have a camera now, or are you sharing?

    1. The Cannon SD780, the camera that has taken the majority of Durhamblogger photos, is the family's, so we share it. However, the Fugi S2980 is my camera! However, I will share it with Rachel!


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