Saturday, June 16, 2012

After Work Paddle at Beaver Dam Lake!

Location: Beaver Dam Lake, Wake Forest, NC. Temperature: 78F Wind: NE 10-13 mph Conditions: Mostly Sunny

Hi everyone! Friday (June 15, 2012), I finished my work early and made plans to meet Rachel and some friends at Beaver Dam Lake, for an afternoon of paddling! I loaded both our kayaks - Aquafusion Liberty 13 (single) and Mainstream Escapade (tandem) into the back of my truck, packed my gear and drove to Beaver Dam Lake... arriving early afternoon. Rachel and our friends were unable to leave their work until after 5:00 PM... so (darn? Not!) I was able to get in some quality paddling before their arrival! I was excited since I normally don't get much time in our yellow Aquafusion Libery since when Rachel accompanies me, we usually end up taking the tandem kayak.

 Put in at one of the two boat ramps at Beaver Dam Lake.
 I was real excited to capture a deer in my camera lens! Smile! The pair of deer (there is another one standing behind that large bush in center), had come down to the lake shore to drink. Most of my deer encounters are when I catch fleeing glimpses of their white tails as they crash away into the brush... always too fast for me to bring out my camera from the dry bag. This was a rare treat for me!

 I also encountered several egrets and herons wading along the shore.

 I was surprised by the number of wildlife sightings I made during my paddle, especially for a mid-afternoon paddle. Normally, you expect animals to be most active during the early morning and late afternoon hours. But, I was not complaining!

 I discovered a "new" beaver den that had been constructed since our last visit here in May. I paddled slowly and silently around the cut tree branches and debris, but was unable to spot any beavers.

 A large (unidentified) snake making its way up a dead tree near the lake shore. I paddled around the tree, but was unable to determine if there was a bird nest near the tree top that had attracted the snake. Snakes are known to eat bird eggs. Another one of those "life and death" encounters that make up nature. 

 I saw (at least 4) paddle boarders during my Beaver Dam Lake adventure. I chatted briefly with the guy as we passed. I asked him how he liked standing while paddling and he explained it was the best position for his "bad" back. I noted, that from a safety standpoint, none of the paddle boarders I encountered wore PFD's or had leashes in case they got separated from their boards. For me, I am not "sold" on the idea of standing the entire time that I am paddling! 

 After 5:00 PM, Rachel arrived with our friends Carol and Gracie! We had a quick dinner beside the lake and than the ladies got in some paddling. I stayed at our "base camp" on the shore line "guarding" the remaining food from predators! Yum!

Rachel (forefront) with Carol (front seat) and Gracie (rear seat) paddling on the placid waters of Beaver Dam Lake.

 Two "beauty" photos. Enjoy!

A "hitchhiker" butterfly decided that the rear hatch well was a nice place to visit! For some reason (maybe the color?), both butterflies and dragonflies are attracted to my yellow Liberty 13 kayak.

 It was a wonderful paddle.... on a beautiful summer afternoon.... with Rachel and some good friends. I love these great times and will always cherish the memories. Thanks for reading!

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  1. What a wonderful evening! Not envious of seeing snakes climbing trees, but it is a fascinating shot. I hope the women thanked you for sparing them excess calories!

    1. I do what I can! We had a great time paddling!

  2. Great after work paddle! So glad you were able to capture the deer-- I have the same trouble with them-- seeing only their tails as they are retreating (unless I'm in my car, then I see too much of them!!) Wow, that big snake on the dead tree gives me the willies! I know there are King Black Snakes in the south-- could it have been one? With the dragonflies and butterflies--not sure if the color is the attraction, but as we've discussed before, the dragonflies like my yellow kayak more than my husband's red one. It'd be interesting to know if we're right about that!

  3. The question is, have you seen the swimming deer in Beaverdam yet? I've been more of a sunset paddler this year, but last summer with the sun rising I was the only person on the water out by old weaver and there it was a sea dragon, no...a deer taking a swim in the middle of the lake.

    Keep up the great work, Beaver Dam is a great place to paddle!

    Wake Forest
    Tribe Tandem SOT
    Pungo 100
    Ultimate 12

    1. Hey Mike! No, I have not seen the "swimming deer", but there is always a first time? Hope to see more deer and the elusive Bald Eagle that is said to frequent the swamp area of Beaver Dam!


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