Wednesday, May 9, 2012

What's wrong with this photo?

 I'll give you two hints... there's no water... and the kayaks are sitting in my garage!  Unfortunately, due to business travel and other "stuff" going on in my life... the Durhamblogger has been "shore bound" for a while. Drat and double drat!

So, I'm checking in to let readers know that I'm still "here"... just not paddling these days. Hopefully, after this next business trip... to jolly old England no less... I'll be able to get back to some paddling action! BTW, the photo was taken using my new iPhone 4S equipped with a 8 megapixel camera - twice as powerful as the camera I take paddling! But, with my iPhone costing more than the camera I lug around in my dry bags... I'm not taking paddling pictures with my Apple and risking a fatal plunge to the bottom of some lake or river!

Hopefully, my next post will be a paddling adventure report complete with photos... and maybe with Rachel in her customary front seat of our tandem blue Escapade! Until next time, remember to take life one stroke at a time!

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