Saturday, May 19, 2012

Return to Beaver Dam Lake!

Location: Beaver Dam Lake, Wake Forest, NC. Temperature: 65F Wind: NE 10-17 mph Conditions: Sunny

Saturday, following my return from London, UK... I had experienced enough of being crammed into an airplane like sardines for 8 hours... and was more than ready to get back to some paddling! It was great to have Rachel with me since this would be her first paddle of the season! Beaver Dam Lake was crowded when we arrived at about 10:00 AM Saturday. The Carolina Kayak Club had set up camp near the put in area and its members were giving instructions to first time kayakers. So lots of kayaks perched on various vehicles were streaming into the parking lot and off loading near the shoreline. I also had a few individuals admiring my Extend-A-Truck bed extender bar for transporting kayaks in my pickup truck.

Kayaks and canoes at rest near the put in area of Beaver Dam Lake.

A really nice sight! Rachel in her customary front seat of our kayak!

One of several turtles we encountered in a quiet cove.

A huge "swarm?" of water strider insects that literally danced across the water surface. Rachel remarked that the insects looked like tiny lights!

Two enormous turtles we encountered sunning themselves on a dead tree trunk. These reptiles looked to be a foot in diameter. Clearly, the largest reptiles to date we have seen on Beaver Dam Lake.

Two "beauty" shots. Quiet and tranquil coves on a warm, sunny summer morning!

Next two photos, Carolina Kayak Club activities and various kayaks scattered about the put in area.

A gorgeous summer morning spent paddling on Beaver Dam Lake! May these days never end! Until next time, remember to take life one stroke at a time. I do!  ;-)

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