Thursday, May 17, 2012

Cockleshell canoes or going to war in a canoe - Revisited!

Hi everyone! I just returned from a business trip to London, UK! It was a long 8 hour flight from the United States to the UK! But, even with my busy schedule, I was able to have "some" downtime. So, I met up with one of my buddies, and he took me to the British Imperial War Museum! Among all the tanks, artillery, aircraft, and other military paraphernalia on exhibit... I chanced to stumble across one of the actual Cockleshell canoes (kayaks) that were used by the British during WW2!

Regular Durhamblogger readers may remember that I originally posted about the Cockleshell canoes in this post Kayaks go to war! back in December 2010 and in a follow up post More on the Cockshell canoes by author Quentin Rees!

Here's a little more about the Cockleshell heros from Quentin Ree's latest book!

"The Cockleshell Heroes: The Final Witness is without doubt the definitive account of a mission thought to be a near impossible one; an attack seventy miles down the Gironde and on a series of blockade runners and other German ships located at Bordeaux. What you are about to read, will not have been read before. This is, without doubt, the definitive account of a mission thought to be an impossible one; the story of thirteen black-faced Commandos embarked aboard a T-Class submarine and on a suicide mission to deepest occupied France. It is an astounding and graphic tale of courage and bravery by men and women of both France and Britain. This is the complete 'no holds barred' tale of this most incredible story, the tale of Operation Frankton. It is a comprehensively researched, highly detailed, intricately woven account of a Combined Operations clandestine raid using canoes and limpet mines and a lot of bravery by men not anxious to die - just anxious to matter." (Cockleshell Heroes - The Final Witness by Quentin Rees)

Many thanks to the Cockleshell Heroes and for their sacrifices during WW2!

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  1. It was great to meet up with you Mike and I am glad you enjoyed yourself !.

    Your face when you saw the Kayak was brilliant and it made both our trips worthwhile didnt it ?.

    Its good to know your back home safe & sound !



  2. Hi Toni. Thanks very much for sharing with me the Imperial War Museum - especially the kayak exhibit! It was a great trip, but i am also very glad to be back home!


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