Sunday, May 27, 2012

A Beautiful Morning Paddling at Hickory Hill

Location: Hickory Hill, Durham, NC Temperature: 75F Wind: E 8 mph Conditions: Mostly cloudy

Rachel and I decided to paddle at Hickory Hill today - an area that we had last paddled back in August 2011. Even though it was Memorial Day weekend, there were only three other trucks with trailers in the Hickory Hill parking lot, when we arrived at 10:00 AM. I guess folks were either sleeping in or away for the weekend?

Put in at the Hickory Hill boat ramp.  

A Hickory Hill paddle almost guarantees that you will get to observe lots of water fowl, and our visit today was no different! We saw numerous egrets, anhingas (snake birds), and osprey.

"Mother" osprey was not happy as we paddled close to her nest. The female screeched her warning cries to us as she circled above our kayak. We kept a respectable distance, took our photos, and quickly paddled out of range.

"Bird island." See how many birds you can count perched in the tree tops? Click on the photo to enlarge it.

 A "man-made" bird flew over head. There is a small airstrip located just off Interstate 85 near Hickory Hill. The pilot made several passes over Falls Lake

A flowering shrub near the shoreline.

A turtle sunning itself on a dead tree branch.

A Hickory Hill "beauty" photo!

Rachel and I enjoyed a nice, relaxing paddle at Hickory Hill this Memorial Day weekend! The overcast skies and light breeze made for a wonderful time on the water. We also did not have to compete with lots of motor boats and holiday crowds. A "perfect" time together!

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  1. Great description, Mike, of your cruise at Hickory Hill. I am trying to become more adapt at bird photography, and your photos are an inspiration. I am involved in a birding class here in Sioux Falls and am thinking of the right camera; there is the classic conflict involved, of course, in trying to find a camera capable of high quality photos and yet not so expensive that I would be unwilling to take it out in my kayak for fear of loss in the event of a capsize.

    I have added your blog to my list of suggested sites on Kayaking the Lakes of South Dakota.

    Best wishes in your cruises ahead.

  2. Hey Jay. I use a Cannon PowerShot SD780 IS (12.1 megapixel)camera for my paddling photos. Its small, easy to use, and fits nicely into a dry bag for quick access. You can purchase used SD780 cameras starting around $75.00 on Amazon. The only down side to the camera is I wish it had a better zoom lens feature. I have to get pretty close to wild life in order to get a decent photo and my subjects are not always willing to cooperate! ;-)

  3. No motorboats or holiday crowds - what a great place to paddle indeed. I always wish my snap-n-shoot Olympus waterproof camera had a real zoom - with only a 3x, it is useless in the outdoors.

    Cheers from Canada.


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