Monday, April 9, 2012

When Cosco gets into kayaks - paddling is close at hand!

Howdy everyone! biggrin My wife and I recently went "grocery" shopping at our local Costco. I put grocery in parentheses because while Rachel focused on the food items... I tend to gravitate toward the "non-food" ones... especially items that you can paddle on the water! wink

I spotted this enticing rack of "off-brand" kayaks! Costco was selling the kayak, a decent paddle, and car roof rack for approximately $550! eek Not a bad deal for beginners looking for an inexpensive means to get into this sport.

However... the Durhamblogger cautions folks wanting to get into kayaking to first review my Kayaking Basics section... and also rent a kayak for a few hours (or borrow one from a friend) to get a better feel for what works best for your paddling style. Also, ask lots of questions of more experienced paddlers before dashing off to purchase your first kayak. You'll be glad you did!

I also spotted this interesting pontoon boat for some fun hours on the water! But, be sure to bring along your compressor since the pontoons are air-filled!

Also... big paddling news to share with Durhamblogger readers! I am planning my first paddle of the season this Saturday! Hooray! biggrin Location TBD.

Rachel and a friend are going to a spa to get pampered on Saturday... while I'm heading to the water to paddle! Sounds like a "win win" to me! My next "check-in" here at Durhamblogger will be me filing my first paddling adventure of the season! See you'll on the water soon!

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  1. Spring is indeed in the air! I hope your first paddle goes well


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