Saturday, April 14, 2012

First Paddle of the 2012 Season!

Location: Beaver Dam Lake, Wake Forest, NC. Temperature: 52F Wind: SW 10-15 mph Conditions: Sunny

Finally! My first paddle of the 2012 season... and at one of my all time favorite paddling haunts... Beaver Dam Lake! It was a brisk 42F when I woke Saturday morning... but by the time I arrived at Beaver Dam Lake around 9:30AM... the temperature had risen to the low 50'sF and abundant sun promised warmer paddling conditions. I sprung for a $50 park season pass and paid the attendant.. knowing that only 7 more park visits would "pay" for the cost of my season pass. I know that I will get my money's worth!

Put in at the Beaver Dam Lake boat ramp.
I admired the "fairly new" floating dock. It was installed mid 2011 and was a great improvement over the old pilings built dock.
I caught the full force of the wind gusts as I paddled to explore the SW corner of the lake. You can see the wind effects on the water surface.
One of several bird houses built along the lake shore. Notice the metal "dome" shape near the water's surface to discourage snakes from "visiting" nesting fowls.
The sky was a deep blue and the scenery was as beautiful looking "up" as it was "down." It was a gorgeous day to paddle and I soaked up every minute of it!
Looking out of a quiet cove on Beaver Dam Lake.
An observation shelter for folks to view the wildlife. At first, I thought it was a duck blind, but that did not make sense on park property! On my return to the put in area, I ran into a friendly park ranger who explained the true "nature" of the structure. I also left her one of my Durhamblogger cards and asked her to check out my blog. She told me that she likes to kayak. I always love to run into fellow yakers!
Two turtles sunning themselves on a dead tree trunk.
Up close and personal with an adolescent Brown Water snake! It was really "out of it" with eyes closed and never moved, even though I got within a few feet of it. This close up photo makes the approx one foot long snake look enormous! The Brown Water snake is not venomous.

And yes, the Brown Water snake is often confused for a Copperhead. Here is a photo of a Copperhead, and the markings are not the same. Clearly these are two different reptiles and for that, I am very glad!

I love Petsmart too... but not as litter on the lake shore. Note the numerous teeth marks embedded in the plastic - obviously the toy of a dog who "lost" it at Beaver Dam Lake. I picked it up and disposed of it properly.
Another quiet, sun lite cove.
Egret taking flight as I approached. The bird flew a few yards, landing in the water, and resumed its search for food, wading among the reeds.
A beautiful tree. The promise of new growth was evident at Beaver Dam Lake with green leaves and numerous blooming plants. It was a refreshing change from the dreary winter months.
Me thinks this rock was "man"-ually placed on this tree stump. I puzzled over what were these shapes until nearly along side the pair.
My "treat" to myself for the first paddle of the season - a #2 medium combo from Sonic! Yum!
A gorgeous day... a wonderful paddle... and good food... life does not get much better than this! Looking forward to more paddling adventures! Until next time... remember to take life one stroke at a time!
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  1. Boy, that brown water snake looks like a copperhead in your photo. I'm glad its on your waters and not ours!

  2. The Brown Water snake is often confused with a Copperhead. But checkout the Copperhead markings in this photo and compare to the Brown Water snake I came across while paddling. These are clearly two different reptiles and for that, I am very glad!


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