Friday, March 23, 2012

Spring has Sprung in Durhamblogger's Neighborhood!

Ah! Spring is in the air... especially in my neck of the woods! biggrin We have been enjoying mid to upper 70's air temperatures, and sunny days for the past week. Even our Redbuds (Cercis) in the front yard have blossomed! eek

With the warmer air temperatures.... my thoughts have been turning more towards paddling... but I still need to wait about one more month before my first put in of the season.


Water temperatures are too cold.

Local water temperatures are in the 50's. An unprotected individual falling into such water temperatures would quickly succumb to hypothermia and likely death. Tragically, this time of year in North Carolina, I usually read of one or two folks, usually fishermen, not wearing PFDs or dressed for immersion, dying from hypothermia after falling from their boats.

I don't own a wet / dry suit... so I don't paddle in these cold water temperatures. I ALWAYS err on the side of safety!

Please take a minute to read about surviving cold water temperatures in my Cold Water Survival Section. It can save your life or someone you love!

Be safe out there! smile

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