Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Spam be gone!

I hate spam! Ever since I was a child and my mother tried to disguise the flavor of it by heaping mustard or mayo on it... or by hiding it under lettuce on a sandwich... I have hated this processed meat with a passion! evil

It is with this same passion that I hate spam emails too! evil

The latest spam was from a friendly individual named "Jane" who actually used correct English as she gushed enthusiastically about my Operation Bumblebee and Topsail Island post. Unfortunately, "Jane" also included an URL link in her post to a Website advertising Thailand vacation homes.

There is a reason why I have "Comment Moderation" enabled on my blog.

I throw online spammers into the same category as those annoying "computer phone calls" that I start receiving at dinner time. The calls that claim to be conducting a quick, survey, but not "selling anything." However, at the end of the "survey" when it's determined you are "missing" a specific product... they than try to sell it to you. Or the phone calls that start with: "I am calling on behalf of (insert politician's name here)". Please hold for an important message from (insert politician's name here)." Somehow I never get around to listening to that important message from (insert politician's name here.) wink

I guess, as visitor traffic increases on Durhamblogger... approaching 12,000 visitors now... spammers will increase too? You have to take the "bad" with the "good?"

But, the bottom line... no spammer's message or note will see the "light of day" on Durhamblogger!

So, you guys might as well stop while you are behind!

Wonder what vacation houses are selling for in Thailand?

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