Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Durhamblogger - Thinking about Posts, Readers, and other Musings!

Howdy everyone! Yep, that's me... the Durhamblogger putting on his "best" "pondering and thinking" expression... while expertly holding his BB smartphone... at just the right angle... backwards mind you... to take this remarkable photo! eek Not sure if the photo is remarkable because of having to do more than two things at a time... or because I'm actually doing some "thinking" for a change... but I digress! eek wink

Wanted to take this opportunity... during my off season from kayaking... to solicit reader feedback on the kinds of blog postings found here at Durhamblogger.

1. What should I stop doing?

2. What should I keep doing?

3. What should I start doing?

Three simple questions... that I hope will generate reader feedback?

Cause, I want to make my blog as entertaining, fun, and interesting as possible for my readers! biggrin

Please leave a comment or two on the above three questions.

Look forward to reading them... and many thanks in advance! biggrin

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  1. Must be fun to have a phone which takes pictures! I was just noting that my cellphone is ten years old this year! A nice rugged phone, which I drag along with no worries.
    This will probably sound trite, but you are probably the best person to decide what the goals of your blog should be. If you are looking for thousands of readers, writing about kayaking is a tough way to get there; better to stick with fishing, NASCAR, cooking or coupons. If you are looking to build interest in rec kayaking safety and opportunities near Durham, this is a great tool.
    I've especially enjoyed your postings with historical tales; but that's just one reader...

  2. Awww heck. Just keep being the Awesome Durham Blogger.

    Cheers from Canada!
    What's up around there?

  3. Hi PenobscotPaddles and BaffinPaddler! I agree it is up to the blog author to decide direction and focus on their writings and to be true to oneself? I love both blogging and kayaking and it was from these two passions that Durhamblogger was born over 2 years ago. I like to hear from my readers. I know, from the blog stats, that lots of folks are clicking through to my blog, and I know statistically, that most blog readers do not leave comments. However, it is always "special" when folks do take a few minutes to leave comments! Hopefully, a few more persons will leave their thoughts here?


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