Saturday, September 10, 2011

West Point on the Eno hike with a kayak twist!

Hi everyone! biggrin Well, after our morning paddle at the Highway 50 Boat Ramp, Falls Lake... Rachel and I were not quite ready to say "good-bye" to the great outdoors! We decided since we had exercised our upper bodies in the morning... it was time to exercise our lower bodies in the afternoon eek ... our feet to be exact! wink So, we took a drive over to West Point on the Eno for a short hike with a kayak twist!

The plaque reads the following; "West Point on the Eno. Here Charles Abercrombie built a mill in 1778, about which the West Point community developed. In the mill village were post office, general store, blacksmith shop, cotton gin, saw mill and still house. During April, 1865, Union Calvary under General Judson Kilpatrick camped here. The area was created a park by the City of Durham in 1975."

An operating mill at West Point on the Eno. This is the mill spillway and water wheel. You can view some of the gears just below the hanging chain in this photo.

The mill interior with various gears and shafts.

My good friends at Frog Hollow Outdoors rent kayaks ($8.00 per hour) for folks to paddle in the mill pond at West Point on the Eno. I purchased my Aquafusion Liberty 13 kayak from Banks Dixon, who owns and operates Frog Hollow Outdoors.

Frog Hollow employee prepares to put in the canoe for the young couple on the left. I overheard the guy whining and asking if "I really have to wear this [PFD]?" Don't get me started here! mad

Pedestrian bridge over the Eno River.

Here is an example of dangerous and risky behavior - two kids playing on the dam spillway. One slip and victims will tumble 12 feet down onto the large boulders and rocks at the spillway base. But, never fear... the boys' mother was watching them anxiously from the shoreline... and every few minutes she would caution the boys to be careful! Unfortunately, she never ordered them to stop and return to the shoreline. Example of enlightened parenthood? wink

But, on a more positive note... I spotted this flotilla of "first time yakers" who were having the best time on the Eno River... and the group assured me as they paddled by Rachel and me... they would be back paddling on the water soon!

A beautiful summer afternoon at West Point on the Eno!

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