Sunday, September 25, 2011

Paddling Season - Beginning of the End

Friday, September 23 marked the "official" start of Fall on Man's calendar. Someone or some committee decided many years ago, that this date would signal Summer's end and Fall's beginning.

For me, Fall came "officially" on Sunday, September 25... at approximately 8:00 AM... as I sat sipping a steaming cup of coffee and enjoying a good read on my front porch. The neighboorhood was quiet, nobody stirring, and no cars moving down the street. Only a few birds were flittering among the tree branches. Than Fall came... the familar and somewhat mornful honking of two small flights of geese as they passed over head, flying west. I watched their staggered flights until they passed out of sight over the trees...the noise of their passage fading quickly. And than it was silent again... but the moment had come and passed. I knew than, that while I still could enjoy two months of paddling before water temperatures dropped to dangerous levels... the geese passing marked not the end of my kayak season... but the beginning of the end. Fall had arrived for me.
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  1. Honking geese always says the end of summer to me too! If you are interested in why Fall starts on the day that it does, here is a very comprehensive discussion on the astronomical events taking place behind the scenes :)


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