Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Lee's Remnants Bring Severe Weather to Durhamblogger's Neighborhood!

Funnel cloud spotted (Approximately 10:00 EST, Sept 6) at water plant on Infinity Road - only 1/4 mile from the Durhamblogger's house!

Rain... rain... go away... and take Lee with you! Well, paddling has been far from my mind... with all this recent severe weather in my area! sad Hurricane Irene just 10 days ago... and now the remnants of Lee tracking through North Carolina... spawning severe thunderstorms... flash floods... and a few tornadoes for good measure! sad

Don't worry... I'm staying safe while keeping a close eye on this funky weather... monitoring simultaneously a weather radio... TV news... radar maps at www.weather.com... and stepping out on my front porch to check the near horizon! eek The spotted funnel cloud, just down the road from me, was too close for comfort! Scary times... but it too will pass soon. I'm ducking! Stay safe out there!

Lee's remnants approaching Northern Durham (Approximately 10:30 EST, Sept 6). Photo taken from my front porch.

Several lines of severe thunderstorms marched across Durham County (Sept 6). Heavy rain reduced visibility to under a mile. Photo taken from my front porch.

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  1. Indeed! Man has harnessed the atom, but can't touch Mother Nature!


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