Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Kayak "Show and Tell" Day!

Howdy! biggrin My company sponsored a "Show Us Your Specialty Day" today... so, of course... I had to show off my "specialty" wink What fun! I had a friend and coworker help me carry my kayak from the company parking lot... through the various "cube farms"... and than we had to lift the kayak (weight 54 lbs) over a six foot cube dividing wall... so we could maneuver the 13 foot long Aquafusion Liberty into a large conference room where the event was held.

I also received several interesting comments as we walked through the work areas... "I don't think you are going to find any water in here" one person dead panned... "I know the roof leaks, so you must be coming prepared" said another employee... and a third exclaimed "Now I've seen it all."

Best of all, during the 3 hour event, several coworkers expressed a real interest in learning more about kayaking! And of course... I was busy handing out my Durhamblogger blog "business card" to all folks that came up to my booth at "Show Us Your Specialty Day" event! Hopefully, I'll run into some "new converts" on the water soon! cool

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