Saturday, September 10, 2011

Highway 50 Boat Ramp Joy - Sort of?

September 10, 2011, Highway 50 Boat Ramp, Falls Lake, NC

Saturday, I decided to try a new paddling area... located about a mile and a half along Highway 50... just past Beaver Dam Lake... and known by the unimaginative name of Highway 50 Boat Ramp! wink Early Saturday morning, the temperatures were in the low 70's, low humidity, sunny skies and a slight breeze... wonderful paddling conditions. <span class= Rachel and I had our kayak and gear quickly loaded in my truck.... and by 9:30 AM we were pulling into the huge Highway 50 Boat Ramp parking lot.

Put in at the Highway 50 Boat Ramp. There are actually 6 boat ramps located on this section of shoreline at Falls Lake.

We are looking at the "back side" of Beaver Dam Lake. We actually paddled on the "gasoline motors allowed" side and had to be on constant lookout for fast moving boats. Our paddling strategy was to keep close to the shoreline, stay vigilant, and than paddle directly into any on coming wakes left by fast moving boats. Many motor boat owners don't understand the need to throttle down and minimize their wakes when passing smaller water craft like kayaks, canoes, and sail boats.

Interesting erosion effects!

A "victim" of wind and water lies toppled over into the shallow waters.

On our return to the boat ramps, spied this couple who were struggling to get their high performance motor to crank and run properly. I, for one... was glad they finally gave up! The decibel level on that motor was incredible and it was difficult to hold a conversation on the dock while they struggled to get the motor to turn over! Wonder how much gasoline that bad boy uses? confused

I was glad we took out when we did. As I was hiking up the boat ramp to get my truck, a convoy of 4 vehicles pulling boat trailers entered the parking lot and drove down to the boat ramps. It was getting really crowded by noon... and with a lot of boats much bigger than our kayak! eek

A couple of "beauty photos!"

Our paddle at the Highway 50 Boat Ramp was a mixed bag. On the plus side... the weather was fantastic... and we got in a good upper body workout. On the negative side... we had to stay vigilant because of the the large numbers of fast moving motor boats... battle numerous wakes... and the motor noise on this section of Falls Lake eliminated any chance of us catching much in the way of wild life. sad Future paddles here will either be done during the week or in the October and November time frames.

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  1. Was scrolling around the 'net for information on Falls Lake and was surprised to see your photo and caption of me, my wife and boat. You'll be chagrined to learn that I've since tuned my "high performance motor" such that it now cranks and runs properly and is a joy to use. It's still quite loud, but I'm able to pull away from the crowded docks without delay, allowing others to regain some semblance of normal hearing. Surprisingly, fuel consumption on this relatively small, light hull is much less than the more popular ski and wakeboard boats, so while I don't expect any medals from Prius drivers, kayak paddlers and granola crunchers, it's really not bad. But seriously, your admonition to minimize wake when passing smaller craft is well said and well taken; it's really just common courtesy, common sense and safe practice. If you ever see me on the lake, give me a wave and I'll be sure to throttle back and let you have the cove of your choice. All the best!

  2. I am sure I will be able to hear and see you on the lake! I have to ask. Do you wear any kind of ear protection when running your boat? I am glad you take seriously the need to throttle down when over taking smaller, human powered watercraft! Hope you and your wife enjoy many wonderful hours on Falls Lake! Thanks for stopping by Durhamblogger and leaving your comments!


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