Sunday, September 4, 2011

Beautiful Summer Morning Paddle at Beaver Dam Lake

September 3, 2011, Beaver Dam Lake, Wake Forest, NC

Saturday morning, over Labor Day Weekend, was one of those "picture perfect" times that you just had to get out on the water for some paddling! So Rachel and I did! ;-) Temperatures in the mid-70's, partly cloudy, light breeze and moderate humidity... and Beaver Dam Lake was calling our names! Besides, I need to ensure I get my money's worth for my $50.00 season park pass!wink

Put in at the Beaver Dam Lake boat ramps. Mid morning was rather busy. In the back ground, a new yellow floating dock was built to replace the old wood and pole one.

We paddled to the far shoreline and observed extensive erosion caused by both wind and water. In fact, the lake water levels were very low since our area has been suffering under a moderate to severe drought for several weeks.

Encountered a number of fellow yakers who also heeded the call to paddle on this fine Saturday morning!

Paddled down a quiet cove and discovered this rope hanging from a large tree. It would be a great swing to launch yourself out and over the water... just need some more water in order to land safely!

Passed this couple enjoying themselves in their canoe... unfortunately, neither one was wearing a PFD.

A Sunfish pulled up on the shoreline. Maybe its owner was waiting for more breeze?

The next two photos are "beauty shots." Enjoy!

Rachel and I had a wonderful paddle at Beaver Dam Lake! It was one of those rare mornings when I felt really connected with nature and could have paddled forever! Hopefully such times will not be few and far between? Until next time... I'll continue to take life one stroke at a time! wink

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  1. Thanks for the concern! Irene brought us 30+ mph winds and left some yard debris... but my family and I never lost electricity at our home... and it was pretty much a "none event" for us. My thoughts and prayers continue to go out to the folks who were "more directly" impacted by this hurricane.


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