Sunday, June 5, 2011

Summer Morning Paddle on the Eno River

6/05/2011 - Eno River, Durham, NC.

Sunday morning promised to be a great time for paddling. Come to think about it... just about "any" day or time is a good one for paddling! ;-) Our last visit to the Eno River had been back in May 2010... and with the boat ramp a short few miles from our house... there was just no excuse for not getting back out on the Eno! Sunday morning weather was ideal for paddling... temperatures in the mid 80's... cloud cover... light breeze... and low humidity. We got a pretty early start and arrived at the Eno River around 9:30 AM. Parking lot had about a half dozen trucks with boat trailers. We waited for the ramp to clear as two guys and a young boy launched their motor boat and than we put in.

Preparing to launch from the Eno River boat ramp.

Rachel in her customary front seat sporting a new Mti PFD. She liked both the feel and freedom of arm movement that the paddling PFD provided for her.

We headed west on the Eno River thinking we would avoid the majority of fishing boat traffic that can usually can be found east towards Three Rivers. We were wrong! We encountered several fishing boats, but thankfully the fishermen were either anchored or traveling at a slow speed. We had to keep an eye out for fishing lines... and not speeding water craft.

The water had come down a couple of feet as evident by the water level marks on this foliage on the river banks.

There was little to no current running, resulting in calm, mirror-like water and beautiful reflections on the water surface. Can you spot the fishing boat in this photo?

Mostly green foliage along the Eno River banks intermixed with beautiful white flowers.

This dead tree branch jutting across the river marks the halfway point for our paddle. Again, the water reflections were fantastic!

We spotted this muskrat swimming across our bow. I handed the camera to Rachel, and she took the photo. But no beavers on this paddling adventure!

We encountered trees on two separate occasions that had fallen across the Eno River, blocking "most" water craft from continuing west. Here, we managed to steer the kayak over the tree block in an opening no bigger than the kayak width. Our passage is marked by the red arrow.

Massive erosion and exposed root systems will soon topple these trees into the Eno as well.

Mature beech trees forming a white and green canopy over the Eno River.

On our return leg, we encountered a couple of kayakers enjoying a summer morning paddling on the Eno River! We enjoyed ourselves too!

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