Friday, June 17, 2011

Paddling - There's Always a First Time!

I love introducing folks to the joys of paddling and I was thankful that I had the opportunity on Friday! Rachel and I attend Greater Works Ministry and our pastor Gracie and her sister Mary both had expressed an interest in paddling. Carol, another mutual friend, had done some canoe paddling, but she also wanted to get time in on a kayak. So, this Friday, I took a half day off from work... picked up some chips and drinks from a local grocer... ten Chick-fil-a sandwiches (yes, these folks have healthy appetites!) ... bag of ice... and loaded both kayaks (Escapade tandem & Liberty 13 single) into my truck. A short drive down Highway 50 and we all met at one of my favorite haunts - Beaver Dam Lake for an afternoon of paddling and fun! Friday afternoon, temperatures were in the mid 80's, slight breeze, partly cloudy and high humidity... pretty nice paddling conditions.

Carol, Mary, Rachel, and Gracie, getting ready to test the waters.

I demonstrated how to handle and stroke with the to get into and out of a kayak... staying together with your paddling strokes in a tandem kayak... and a myriad of other tips and advice I've picked up since getting "serious" about kayaking two years ago. Here Mary and I get ready to put in the tandem.

I decided Gracie would be more comfortable in the rear seat of the tandem and had her do a "dry run" while sitting comfortably on land! ;-)

Rachel and Gracie stroking nicely together. Gracie, Mary and Carol caught on to the paddling basics quickly and shortly all new folks were skimming across the calm waters of Beaver Dam Lake like pros!

Mary and Carol preparing to land and take out at the boat ramp.

For Gracie and Mary, it was their first time ever in a kayak and they were both excited and a little apprehensive. But, in just a short time, they settled down and began to enjoy themselves on the water. I was excited to play a part in their introduction to the great sport of paddling and judging from their comments to me... this will not be their last paddling adventure!

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  1. That's great that you are introducing new people to the sport! They are clearly having a super time. Sharing my paddling passion with newcomers is one of my greatest pleasures as well. Keep up the good work!

  2. It is very important to introduce folks to the joys of paddling and to do so in the right way! I always take this responsibility seriously while having fun too! Thanks for your comments!


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