Saturday, June 11, 2011

Paddling Again on Lake Michie

6/11/2011 - Lake Michie, Durham, NC

Early Saturday morning held the promise of a beautiful day. Temperatures in the low 70's, sunny, slight breeze and low humidity... all the ingredients for a great paddling adventure! Rachel's back was talking "back" to her again... and unfortunately was unable to accompany me kayaking this day. I decided to return to Lake Michie. My last paddling trip to Lake Michie had been nearly a year ago and it was long overdue for a return visit!

Put in at the Lake Michie boat ramp.

I headed west on the lake. Here I approach the Bahama Road bridge.

Barn swallows have built their mud nests under the bridge.

Spotted several turtles basking in the sun...

... and herons striding along the shoreline.

The remains of an old pier that had collapsed and fallen into the lake.

Impressive and beautiful rock formations that were...

...defaced by spray painted graffiti. Message to "Kevin 03" and other jokers who destroy nature - leave your spray paint cans at home!

More magnificent rock formations that...

somebody decided made a great place to empty out a carton of cigarettes. Whatever you carry into the wild, you take out when you leave. A "successful visit" to the wild is one in which there is no trace you had ever been there! Don't litter folks!

No. It's not a Christmas tree ornament, but one of about a dozen "lost" fishing lures and lines I came across tangled in the trees and shrubs along the Lake Michie shoreline. This discarded fishing tackle can be hazardous to all wildlife and I try to remove it (I carry a multi-purpose tool and garbage bags in my kayak) whenever possible.

Discovered this small culvert under Bahama Road and was able to "squeeze" through it. Unfortunately, I was stopped when my kayak's bottom ground up in shallow water on the far side. I had to paddle "backwards" (was unable to turn around) to return to the deeper waters of the main lake.

A small island located on Lake Michie.

I paddled down a small cove and came across this canoe that had become trapped and was crushed by the weight and bulk of these dead tree trunks.

Here is a "zoomed out" photo so you can view this massive log jam! The canoe location is the red circle. Speculation is the canoe either slipped it's mooring line, or was washed down the lake during a heavy rain storm. In either case, it looks like this may be the canoe's final resting place?

The next five photos are Lake Michie "beauty" shots. Enjoy!

It was a gorgeous summer morning on Lake Michie and a very pleasant paddling adventure!

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  1. Nests under bridge are Cliff Swallows. Barn Swallows build tall mud cup nests, Cliff Swallows make gourd shaped nests. A good record though, they nest under bridges around Falls Lake.


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