Saturday, April 23, 2011

First Paddle of the 2011 Season!

4/23/2011 - Beaver Dam Lake, Wake Forest, NC

Finally! Our first paddle of the 2011 season was Easter weekend at one of my favorite haunts - Beaver Dam Lake! Rachel and I had a few "domestic chores" to accomplish early Saturday, but by late morning our kayak and gear was loaded into my truck and we were heading down Highway 50 to Beaver Dam Lake. Saturday late morning was cloudy with temperatures in the upper 60's and a slight breeze. Nice paddling conditions.

Our tandem Mainstream Escapade at the Beaver Dam Lake boat ramp.

Spotted this dog silhouette and four others positioned on the beach near the swimming area. I assume these "dog scarecrows" were designed to keep the geese and other fowls from "fowling" (:-O the sand and waters. Hopefully, these faux dogs will help keep the Beaver Dam Lake swimming areas in a more healthy condition for park visitors?

Safety is ALWAYS a priority with us. Rachel (wearing her PFD) ready to put in. Note, we always carry a spare paddle lashed to the deck, compass mounted just forward of the bow seat and our other gear in dry bags.

Met a fellow who was putting in this red canoe. He had built the interesting wood seat backs himself because of the lack of such support in a traditional canoe seat configuration. He was looking forward to a day of fishing.

Rachel, in her customary front seat.

We noted that the park had conducted some controlled burns to thin out the thick under brush that bordered much of Beaver Dam Lake.

We spotted this large tree stump that had been deposited on top of the Beaver Lake Dam. The earthen dam separates Beaver Dam Lake from the larger Falls Lake. BTW, we were excited to finally spot a beaver (twice!) on the lake named after the rodent! Unfortunately, the animal was too fast diving under water for me to pull the camera from the dry bag, but we were greeted by a loud smack of the beaver's tail on the water surface as he dove.

We saw new nesting boxes near the water's edge.

Beaver Dam Lake "beauty" photos - enjoy!

All kinds of electric motorized and non-motorized water craft can be found on Beaver Dam Lake. A couple of teenagers were paddling this inflatable kayak and beached it near the swimming area.

Paddling aftermath - "wet" wet shoes! ;-)

Rachel and I had a wonderful time during our first paddle of the 2011 season! I even forked out the dough and purchased a season pass ($50.00) that will give us access to Beaver Dam Lake, Falls Lake, and the NC side of Kerr Lake for the paddling season (April - September). So, we just need to paddle a minimum of eight times at Beaver Dam, Falls, and Kerr Lakes in six months to pay for the season pass. Something tells me that ain't going to be a difficult thing to do! :-)

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  1. Cool pics dad! I'm glad yall could do all this while we were still asleep!

  2. It looks like you all had a great time! The lake is stunning! I think it's great that you two do this, looks relaxing and fun :)

    Jennifer :)

  3. @ John (Our oldest son)Thanks! Glad we did not wake you up! Study hard at UNCC and we'll see you home for summer break in a few weeks!

    @ Jennifer We did have a great time on the water! Hopefully you and Chris can join us sometime!

  4. That would be fun! I definitely look forward to it :)


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