Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Clean Kayak is a Happy Kayak!

What's wrong with this photo? Why is my $16k truck in the driveway... and my $500 kayaks are sitting in the garage? I'll give you a second to think about it. And the answer... nothing wrong from my angle! ;-) You know you are a yaker when the above photo seems the norm to you!

As you can see, I never got around to ordering storage racks for my kayak flotilla... and with only about two months before paddling season resumes for me... it ain't going to happen!

So, with paddling season just around the corner... it's time to start thinking about getting your kayak and gear in shape. I found a great "kayak care" article at

Here are a couple of other maintenance and cleaning tips the article does not mention:

- At the start of paddling season (and periodically during paddling season), check and tighten all hull hardware - e.g. foot braces, rudder cable guides (if equipped), deck rigging tie downs, cockpit seat back supports, etc.

- Clean your kayak after each paddling adventure. I use hot, soapy water, a large sponge, garden hose, and a lot of elbow grease. I clean the hull, underside, and cockpit areas... than let the kayak thoroughly air dry before storing back in my garage. It's important to not only get all the lake and river gunk off your kayak, but to kill as much bacteria as possible. Lots of nasty stuff (leaching chemicals, oil, gasoline, waste products, dead animals, etc) unfortunately find their way into our waterways... and coming into contact with these hazards... either directly or indirectly by contact with the water... can be harmful to you.

So... I have gotten into the habit of always "cleaning up" after each of my paddling adventures! Your kayak will thank you for it! ;-)

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  1. Hi Mike,

    Thanks for the inspiration. It looks pretty nice where you are. Don't forget the kayak sunscreen. I hope 303 is environmentally friendly.

    Although where I live up in Canada, we just got a ton of new snow so I'm still just waxing my skis.
    But I do miss my boats on the water.

  2. Congrats to you!
    Your blog has been chosen as one of this weeks featured Outdoor Blogs on the Outdoor Blogger Network.
    The announcement post is up and we wish you continued success with your outdoor blogging experience!
    Rebecca and Joe

  3. Hi BaffinPaddler! We don't have any more snow here in NC - but water temps are too cold for me to venture out on the water! My paddling season will resume in about a month. I can't wait!


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